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Extended reality (XR) will change the way we enjoy entertainment, interact with friends, and get our jobs done. From gaming to product design to cinematic experiences, NVIDIA delivers groundbreaking solutions for AR and VR—including leading GPUs, drivers, and SDKs—for professionals, gamers, and developers.


Jensen Huang | NVIDIA | Founder and CEO

Watch the keynote replay to hear Jensen Huang's insight into how NVIDIA is driving the rapid pace of technology advancements to help solve the world's toughest challenges.

Featured Speakers

Shen Ye

Next-Level VR Compute and Create with HTC

Shen Ye
Senior Director, Global Head of Hardware Products, HTC

Daniel Seidl

Scaling VW Training with NVIDIA CloudXR

Daniel Seidl
Founder and CEO, Innoactive

Matt Coppinger

Scaling Learning and Training Experiences to the Enterprise Using 5G and NVIDIA CloudXR

Matt Coppinger
Director of XR, VMware

Jonghyun Kim

Holographic Near-Eye Display: The Future of XR

Jonghyun Kim
SR Research Scientist, NVIDIA

Sessions By Topic

The Future of XR

  • Holographic Near-Eye Display: The Future of XR

    • Jonghyun Kim, Senior Research Scientist, NVIDIA

    What is the ultimate VR/AR display? Holographic near-eye displays promise to deliver a full 3D experience and have made remarkable progress over the last few years. Unlike conventional displays, holographic displays are based on phase-only spatial light modulators (SLMs) and can show 3D images by shaping a wave field such that the target image is created through interference.

  • The Lighting of the Future in Today's VR

    • Jason Cooper, Chief Digital Officer, Horizon Productions

    We’re living in a revolution in real-time computer graphics, with long-time offline technologies like ray tracing and global illumination suddenly feasible in interactive applications. Virtual reality projects have particularly demanding frame rate requirements that can keep these applications a generation behind in graphics quality. 

XR Streaming

  • Scaling XR Applications with CloudXR, Edge Computing, and 5G. Use Cases in Entertainment, Manufacturing, and More

    • Krasi Nikolov, CEO and Co-founder, QuarkXR

    As an XR developer, you want to create an amazing application, publish it, and take in user feedback. However, in many exciting industries like location-based XR (LBXR), manufacturing, or engineering, you’re dealing with a lot of moving parts and a lot of requirements. We’ll discuss solutions.

  • HTC+CloudXR: Deploying Seamless Streaming

    • Shen Ye, Senior Director, Global Head of Hardware Products,  HTC VIVE

    HTC is the first manufacturer to offer integrated NVIDIA CloudXR support for a commercially available headset with the VIVE Focus 3. Discover seamless remote rendering for XR applications and the partner ecosystem that empowers users to design, modify, and collaborate on large assets within the VR environment.

  • CloudXR and XR Streaming 101

    • David Weinstein, NVIDIA
    • Layla Mah, Insightful VR

    Get a technical overview and primer of VR and AR streaming techniques. What real-world benefits can XR streaming provide over local rendering? What are “motion-to-photon latency,” “judder,” and “simulator sickness,” and why is XR streaming far more challenging than 2D video or desktop streaming? How are VR and AR streaming different? We’ll take a walk through the various streaming approaches and strategies being developed and outline their pros and cons vis-à-vis different devices and use cases. We'll then introduce NVIDIA's Cloud XR SDK, and describe both how it works and how you can use it. We'll conclude with a look at the future: Where is this technology heading, and what XR streaming experiences can we look forward to in the not-too-distant future?

XR Training & Simulation

  • NVIDIA Technologies for Streaming Training and Simulation from the Edge

    • Tim Woodard, Senior Solutions Architect, NVIDIA

    Now, more than ever, human-in-the-loop training and simulation are playing a key role in many domains. Delivering high-fidelity, real-time, 3D-based training requires significant computational power, typically on a par with a high-end gaming PC. 

  • Leveraging NVIDIA CloudXR 3.0 for Scalable Virtual Reality Training and Simulation

    • Jason Powers, Chief Creative Technologist, Brightline Interactive LLC

    As technologies such as 5G further enable our capabilities to send and receive data, NVIDIA's CloudXR becomes increasingly important for expanding augmented and virtual reality use cases. Jason Powers, chief creative technologist at Brightline Interactive, discusses how Brightline has used CloudXR 3.0 to develop a scalable virtual reality training platform.

  • Scaling VW Training with NVIDIA CloudXR

    • Daniel Seidl, Founder and CEO, Innoactive

    We’ll explore how using CloudXR to deliver training within VW over AWS will be delivered and the use of the Innoactive Portal to deploy their training content. The talk also provides advice on using CloudXR and highlights some of the lessons that we've learned.

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