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Digital Fingerprinting for Cybersecurity Threat Detection

Identify and react to cybersecurity threats faster with AI-based threat detection and alert prioritization.

What Is Digital Fingerprinting?

As the numbers of connected users and devices expand, enterprises are generating more data than they can collect and analyze—creating a cybersecurity challenge. Act on threats faster with NVIDIA’s digital fingerprinting AI workflow. Using the NVIDIA Morpheus SDK and unsupervised learning, it uniquely fingerprints every user, service, account, and machine across a network and provides intelligent alerts with actionable information.

Explore the Digital Fingerprinting AI Workflow LaunchPad

The digital fingerprinting AI workflow demonstrates how to use NVIDIA Morpheus to build models and pipelines that can filter, process, and classify large volumes of user login data in real time.

The workflow contains:

  • Training and inference pipelines for digital fingerprinting
  • Helm charts for cloud-native deployment
  • A reference solution for deploying in production, including components for authentication, logging, and monitoring
  • Guidance on how to train and customize the solution for a specific use case

The cloud-native Kubernetes services in the digital fingerprinting workflow are used to build and deploy training and inference pipelines.

Start Your Cybersecurity Journey on NVIDIA LaunchPad

Have an upcoming cybersecurity AI project? Get access to the digital fingerprinting workflow with a free curated lab. Access a step-by-step guided lab for digital fingerprinting to detect cyber threats with ready-to-use software, sample data, and applications.

Detect Threats Faster With Digital Fingerprinting

Watch how Morpheus’s prebuilt digital fingerprinting workflow can uniquely fingerprint every user, service, account, and machine across a data center.

Cybersecurity AI Threat Detection at Scale

Massive Data Reduction

Go from up to 100 million events per week to 8–10 potentially actionable events per day.

Detect Threats Faster

Reduce the time to detect cybersecurity threats from weeks to minutes.

Better Performance

Provide 100 percent data visibility across your enterprise with NVIDIA GPU acceleration.

Accelerate the Development of AI Solutions

AI workflows accelerate the path to AI outcomes. The digital fingerprinting workflow provides a reference for developers to get started in building a cybersecurity AI solution.

Improve Accuracy And Performance

Frameworks and containers are performance-tuned and tested for NVIDIA GPUs.

Speed Time To Development and Deployment

Prepackaged, customizable reference applications with cloud-native deployable packaging.

Gain Confidence in AI Outcomes

Move from pilot to production with the assurance of security, API stability and support with NVIDIA AI Enterprise.

Get Started With AI-Based Cybersecurity

Try It on NVIDIA LaunchPad

Have an existing cybersecurity project? Apply to access this free trial to get hands-on experience building a digital fingerprinting solution for cybersecurity threat detection.

Download It Now

Developers can access the digital fingerprinting AI workflow for free through the NGC™ catalog.

Deploy in Production

Transition a digital fingerprinting AI workflow from pilot to production with confidence with the security, support, and stability provided by NVIDIA AI Enterprise.

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