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The portal of services, software, and support for AI, machine learning, and high performance computing.

NVIDIA NGC offers a collection of fully managed cloud services including NeMo LLM, BioNemo, and Riva Studio for NLU and speech AI solutions. AI practitioners can take advantage of NVIDIA Base Command for model training, NVIDIA Fleet Command for model management, and the NGC Private Registry for securely sharing proprietary AI software. Additionally, NGC hosts a catalog of GPU-optimized AI software, SDKs, and Jupyter Notebooks that help accelerate AI workflows and offers support through NVIDIA AI Enterprise.

NGC Catalog: GPU-Optimized Software Hub for AI, Machine Learning, and HPC

The NGC catalog accelerates end-to-end workflows with enterprise-grade containers, pre-trained AI models, and industry-specific SDKs that can be deployed on premises, in the cloud, or at the edge.


Trusted by organizations, big and small.

Government organizations, Fortune 500 companies, supercomputing sites, higher education, and even AI startups are using software from the NGC catalog to build their next-generation applications.

Hundreds of Containers for HPC and AI

Hundreds of Pre-trained Models

Hundreds of Jupyter Notebook Users

10M+ Downloads

A platform for all use cases.

From HPC to conversational AI to medical imaging to recommender systems and more, NGC Collections offers ready-to-use containers, pre-trained models, SDKs, and Helm charts for diverse use cases and industries—in one place—to speed up your application development and deployment process.

Deep learning models for Language Modelling

Language Modeling

Language modeling is a natural language processing (NLP) task that determines the probability of a given sequence of words occurring in a sentence.

Recommender systems are a type of information filtering system

Recommender Systems

Recommender systems are a type of information filtering system that seeks to predict the "rating" or "preference" a user would give to an item.

Image segmentation is the field of image processing

Image Segmentation

Image segmentation is the field of image processing that deals with separating an image into multiple subgroups or regions that represent distinctive objects or subparts.

Machine translation is the task of translating text from one language to another


Machine translation is the task of translating text from one language to another.

Object detection refers to identifying which objects are in an image

Object Detection

Object detection is about, not only detecting the presence and location of objects in images and videos, but also categorizing them into everyday objects.

Automatic speech recognition refers to transcribing customer interactions into text


Automatic speech recognition (ASR) systems include giving voice commands to an interactive virtual assistant, converting audio to subtitles on an online video, and more.

Speech synthesis or text-to-speech produces human speech from transcripts.


Speech synthesis or text-to-speech is the task of artificially producing human speech from raw transcripts. Text-to-speech models are used when a mobile device converts text on a webpage to speech.

High performance computing fuels the advancement of computer science


High-performance computing (HPC) is one of the most essential tools fueling the advancement of computational science, and that universe of scientific computing has expanded in all directions.


Containers undergo rigorous security scans for common vulnerabilities


From deep learning containers that are updated on a monthly basis for extracting maximum performance from your GPUs to the state-of-the-art AI models used to set benchmark records in MLPerf, the NGC catalog is a vital component in achieving faster time to solution and shortening time to market.

NGC private registry provides a secure cloud-native space


Containers undergo rigorous security scans for common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs), crypto keys, private keys, and metadata before they’re posted to the catalog. Security ratings and detailed scan reports are provided for every container to identify if it will meet your company’s security policy.

NGC catalog is a vital component to achieve a faster time to solution


The NGC Private Registry provides a secure, cloud-native space to store your custom containers, models, model scripts, and Helm charts and share that within your organization. Access to the NGC Private Registry is available to customers who have purchased Enterprise Support with NVIDIA DGX or NVIDIA-Certified Systems.

Run Anywhere with Confidence

Software from the NGC catalog runs on bare-metal servers, Kubernetes, or on virtualized environments and can be deployed on premises, in the cloud, or at the edge—maximizing utilization of GPUs, portability, and scalability of applications. Users can manage the end-to-end AI development lifecycle with NVIDIA Base Command.


On Premises

NGC catalog software runs on a wide variety of NVIDIA GPU-accelerated platforms, including NVIDIA-Certified Systems, NVIDIA DGX systems, NVIDIA TITAN- and NVIDIA RTX™-powered workstations, and virtualized environments with NVIDIA Virtual Compute Server.


In the Cloud

Software from the NGC catalog can be deployed on GPU-powered instances. The software can be deployed directly on virtual machines (VMs) or on Kubernetes services offered by major cloud service providers (CSPs). NVIDIA AI software makes it easy for enterprises to develop and deploy their solutions in the cloud.


At the Edge

As computing expands beyond data centers and to the edge, the software from NGC catalog can be deployed on Kubernetes-based edge systems for low-latency, high-throughput inference. Securely deploy, manage, and scale AI applications from NGC across distributed edge infrastructure with NVIDIA Fleet Command.

Create AI Applications Faster with NVIDIA TAO

NVIDIA TAO is a framework to train, adapt and optimize AI models that eliminates the need for large training sets and deep AI expertise, simplifying the creation of enterprise AI applications and services.

Building blocks for GPU-accelerated applications.

The NGC catalog provides a range of resources that meet the needs of data scientists, developers, and researchers with varying levels of expertise, including containers, pre-trained models,domain-specific SDKs, use-case-based collections, and Helm charts for the fastest AI implementations.


Customer Stories.

DeepZen creating human-like speech with NGC containers


Learn how DeepZen, an AI​ company focused on human-like speech with emotions, leverages the NGC catalog to automate processes such as audio recordings and voiceovers. 

Neurala accelerating AI video annotation with NGC containers


Learn how AI​ startup Neurala speeds up deep learning​ training and inference for their Brain Builder platform by 8X.

HPC administrators support GPU-optimized containers

Clemson University

Learn how Clemson University’s HPC administrators support GPU-optimized containers to help scientists accelerate research.

University of Arizona creating the 3D point clouds directly on the drone.

University of Arizona

Learn how the University of Arizona employs containers from the NGC catalog to accelerate their scientific research by creating 3D point clouds directly on drones.

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Ecosystem Partners.

NVIDIA partners offer a range of data science, AI training and inference, high-performance computing (HPC), and visualization solutions.

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