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Access the most powerful visual computing capabilities in thin and light laptops anytime, anywhere. NVIDIA RTX and Quadro® professional laptop GPUs fuse speed, portability, large memory capacity, enterprise-grade reliability, and the latest RTX technology—including real-time ray tracing, advanced graphics, and accelerated AI—to tackle the most demanding creative, design, and engineering tasks on the go.

Bring RTX Power to Professional Workflows

Professional Manufacturing Design Solutions

Manufacturing and Product Design

  • Design, engineer, simulate, and render your next amazing product at home, in the office, from the factory, or wherever you need to work.
  • Leverage the power of real-time ray tracing, AI, and advanced graphics in a thin and light form factor to create advanced design visualizations on the go.
  • Simulate structural, fluid, and electromagnetic product performance to get an accurate understanding of design functionality quickly—anytime, anywhere.
Solutions for the Media and Entertainment Industry

Media and Entertainment

  • Model, animate, simulate, and render photorealistic characters, environments, and visual effects in the studio, on location, or from anywhere.
  • Edit up to 8K quality footage with AI-enhanced features.
  • Bring RTX acceleration to the creative applications you use every day to create, animate, and design more visually stunning content than ever before.
Architecture, Engineering and Construction Industry Solutions

Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

  • Design, review, modify, and accurately visualize complex 3D building models anywhere, from your office to your customer locations.
  • Immerse yourself in large-scale building designs with virtual reality.
  • Create compelling photorealistic renderings with lifelike reflections, shadows, and lighting with ray-tracing acceleration.
GPU Accelerated Solutions for Data Science

AI and Data Science

  • Accomplish compute-intensive data science tasks from anywhere. Explore large datasets and features and train and validate models directly on your laptop.
  • Examine large datasets with high levels of interactivity, without cutting down the size of the data or reducing fidelity.
  • Save environment setup time with NGC-Ready™ data science mobile workstations, which include the most widely used AI frameworks and SDKs, like TensorFlow and PyTorch.

Performance Amplified: NVIDIA RTX Laptop GPUs

NVIDIA RTX professional laptop GPUs build upon the power of RTX technology introduced in the previous-generation NVIDIA® Quadro RTXGPUs. Based on the NVIDIA Ampere architecture, NVIDIA RTX GPUs accelerate photorealistic, ray-traced rendering, graphics, compute, and AI-accelerated workflows even faster to unlock new levels of productivity.

Up to 16GB GDDR6

NVIDIA MAX-Q Technology

Available in NVIDIA Ampere architecture-based NVIDIA RTX laptop GPUs, MAX-Q technology* introduces AI-based system optimizations that make thin and light professional laptops perform better than ever.

WhisperMode 2.0’s AI-powered algorithms

Dynamic Boost

Dynamic Boost intelligently manages power between the GPU and CPU, so your laptop is constantly optimizing for maximum performance.

WhisperMode 2.0’s AI-powered Algorithms


WhisperMode’s AI-powered algorithms manage the CPU, GPU, system temperatures, and fan speeds for a quiet experience at the best possible performance.

Resizable Bar

Resizable BAR

Resizable BAR is an advanced PCI Express feature that enables the CPU to access the entire GPU frame buffer at once, improving performance in many games.

NVIDIA DLSS delivers a massive performance


NVIDIA DLSS delivers a massive performance boost at the same power in select gaming and design applications by using Tensor Cores to do groundbreaking AI rendering.

NVIDIA RTX GPUs Are Coming to Professional Laptops

Enterprise-Grade Reliability

NVIDIA RTX laptop GPUs deliver the performance and reliability of an enterprise workstation in thin and light mobile designs.

ISV Certifications


Certifications for leading professional software applications deliver a smooth and stable user experience across a wide variety of workflows, including animation, computer-aided design (CAD), simulation, rendering, and more.

Simplified Manageability

Simplified Manageability

Laptops with professional GPUs are easy to deploy, use, and manage across organizations with enterprise support, long lifecycle availability of the GPU, a robust suite of software tools for desktop management, multi-display modes, and IT management.

Enterprise Drivers

Enterprise Drivers

Enterprise drivers are continually tuned and tested for software compatibility and stability. Professional RTX GPUs undergo rigorous testing at the hardware and software levels to deliver peak productivity across workflows.

See How NVIDIA RTX Laptops are Helping Professionals on the Go

Powering Advanced VR Experiences

Improving Mobility to Deliver Immersive Design Experiences

Watch this on-demand webinar to see how Mortenson uses NVIDIA RTX-powered Dell Precision mobile workstations and HTC VIVE headsets to deliver advanced immersive VR experiences for their clients.


Design Showcase: RTX All Stars

Get inspired by the artists, creators, and designers that are using Quadro RTX-powered laptops to transform workflows and bring their best work to life.
SoKrispyMedia Crafts Creative Battle Between Stick Figures with Real-Time Rendering

SoKrispyMedia Crafts Creative Battle Between Stick Figures with Real-Time Rendering

SoKrispyMedia enhances virtual production for Stick Figure War with Unreal Engine, Blackmagic Design and Quadro RTX-powered mobile workstations.


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