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Accelerating Financial Services with AI

Accelerating Financial Services with AI

Massive datasets. Perpetual market fluctuations. Remote workforces. Intelligent technology can address critical challenges within the modern financial services industry. With NVIDIA’s AI—including deep learning, machine learning, and natural language processing (NLP)–institutions can boost risk management, improve data-backed decisions and security, and enhance customer experiences.

State of AI in Financial Services 2022

Dive into the data compiled from a survey of over 500 financial services professionals from around the world. Discover the trends, challenges, and opportunities that will define the state of AI in financial services in 2022.

Natural Language Processing for Fraud Prevention

In this new e-book, explore how leaders in financial services, such as American Express, BNY Mellon, and PayPal are cutting costs by using NLP for fraud prevention.

Use Cases

Discover How the Finance Industry Is Using AI

The Developer Conference
for the Era of AI and the

Join us this September for a GTC that will inspire your next big idea. This is a don't miss opportunity from experts and leaders in their fields on how AI is transforming industries and profoundly impacting the world. It all happens online SeptemberSep 19-22.

Success Stories

See the Real-World Impact

Learn from the financial institutions and firms using AI to optimize
processes, reduce risk, and trim costs.

Preventing fraud and foiling cybercrime.

American Express implements enhanced, real-time fraud detection system to improve accuracy, and better protect customers and merchants.

Conversational intelligence improves profitability and more.

Talkmap is a revolutionary conversational intelligence and automation platform that uses AI-powered machine learning with conversational understanding to automate the manual, slow, and costly effort of accessing insights from conversations with customers and prospects.

Deploying progressive AI to simplify complex business challenges.

Applica reduces the human effort necessary for scrutiny and comprehension of documents by up to 90 percent. Their technology categorizes and interprets information, allowing organizations to make faster, more accurate decisions and move employees to higher-value work. is creating happier customers with AI-powered agents.

Voca’s AI technology increases the capacity to instantly engage with potential customers—both inbound and outbound. The AI-powered Voca Agents can easily handle peaks in call volumes without increasing costs.

Enabling effortless credit based on true risk.

Upstart’s lending platform is designed to improve access to affordable credit while reducing the risk and costs of lending for bank partners.

For our production environment, speed is extremely important with decisions made in a matter of milliseconds, so the best solution to use are NVIDIA GPUs.

— Dmitriy Efimov, Vice President of Machine Learning, American Express

Using NVIDIA GPU-powered image analysis and AI, we can identify damages, automate claims handling for simple and clean cases, estimate costs, and identify fraudulent claims.

— Ping An, China’s largest property and casualty insurer

As more companies adopt conversational AI, empathy plays a larger role in the customer experience—and, ultimately, growth factors like profitability, customer retention, and brand equity.

— Helen Yu, Global Influencer and Podcast Host

NVIDIA GPU-accelerated computing makes it possible to use AI processing to accelerate payments, invoicing, and trade collaboration between businesses and offer a seamless user experience that’s at the same time secure.

— Efi Pylarinou, Global Fintech Influencer

Events and News

The Developer Conference for the Era of AI and the Metaverse

Conference & Training September 19 - 22 | Keynote September 20

Discover how financial institutions are using AI to enhance customer experiences, including personalizing interactions with recommendation engines, improving self-service with conversational AI, and making transactions more secure with fraud-detection models.

  • The Journey to Redefine Banking

    • Bernd Leukert, Management Board Member for Technology, Data and Innovation, Deutsche Bank

    The world of finance is undergoing seismic change, with every process and touchpoint being transformed by technology. Banks face fundamental choices that will determine the role they play in the future. Deutsche Bank is overhauling its approach through focused bets on technologies such as cloud, AI, and machine learning, laying the foundation to seamlessly integrate its offerings into customer journeys. Hear from Bernd Leukert, Deutsche Bank’s management board member for technology, data and innovation, on how the bank is making moves to increase the value and convenience for customers by applying data-driven insights and transitioning the financial services ecosystem into virtual environments.

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  • How U.S. Bank is Driving Rapid Advancements Across Business Units

    • Srini Nallasivan, Executive Vice President, Chief Analytics Officer and Head of Artificial Intelligence, U.S. Bank
    • Soumitri Kolavennu, Artificial Intelligence Leader, Enterprise Analytics and AI, U.S. Bank

    The enterprise analytics group at U.S. Bank embarked on a journey to create a center of excellence (COE) for application of artificial intelligence to the bank’s problems across various business units. The artificial intelligence developments, specifically in natural language processing (NLP), computer vision, and graph analysis, are experiencing tremendous and rapid advancements in the technology and application areas they impact. To keep up with these advancements, U.S. Bank’s strategy office created the COE, embracing an open innovation model where homegrown solutions for the bank’s problems are juxtaposed and contrasted with commercial offerings. In this presentation, we’ll walk through the development of the center and highlight a specific use case—information extraction from collateralized loan obligations (CLOs)—that showcases the need for internal development, the sensitive nature of the data, ensemble development, and scaling up with GPUs.

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  • The Application of AI in Quantification: AI Interpretable Technology

    • Bryan Dai, Head of AI Lab, UBIQuant Investment

    The quantitative model is the core of quantitative investment and the key carrier to realize the investment concept. With the continuous development of technology, AI models are becoming more and more widely used in the field of quantitative investment. With its powerful learning, cognition, and reasoning ability, an AI model can develop trading models for different markets and asset types more quickly and has faster self-iteration ability for rapidly changing markets. Through visualization, data mining, logical reasoning, knowledge graphs, and other technologies, the model construction and reasoning process is made transparent, and a certain understandability of the AI model can be presented to satisfy the attribution of returns and the control of investment risks in the process of quantitative investment.

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  • A Transformer-Powered, Auto-Attributive Recommendation Architecture for Online Advertising

    • Snehita Varma, Principal Data Scientist, Capital One
    • Kal Mishra, Senior Manager of Data Science, Capital One
    • Jesse Zymet, Principal Data Scientist, Capital One

    Practitioners of automated, personalized online advertising are often challenged with the attribution problem—an inability to accurately credit a visitor’s conversion to appropriate experiences along their journey. The problem is commonly discussed in the context of ad performance reporting, but misattribution can limit the predictive performance of the ad recommendation engine itself. We present a state-of-the-art personalized recommendation architecture for Capital One advertising, powered by the ALBERT Transformer algorithm commonly employed in NLP tasks (Vaswani et al. 2017, Lan et al. 2019). We recruited the NVIDIA Merlin Transformers4Rec package (de Souza Pereira Moreira et al. 2021) to demonstrate that, for repeat visitors coming to the Capital One homepage, the Transformer outperforms an ensemble-based alternative model currently in production by a wide margin.

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Money 20/20—The Future of Money, Now

Money 20/20 will take place October 23–26. Join us to hear from leaders in the industry and experience AI demos in the product innovation area.


Industry Technology—from Data Center to Edge to Cloud

Learn about the AI and HPC hardware, software, and networking solutions for financial institutions.

Protect with NVIDIA technology banks

Protect Your Institution and Your Customers from Fraud

Leveraging NVIDIA technology banks can combat the most sophisticated types of transaction and identity fraud—improving fraud detection accuracy, reducing false positives, identifying previously unknown patterns across accounts and entities, and improving compliance with AML and KYC regulations. Learn how you can best protect your customers and your organization’s financial health.

High Performance Computing Solutions

Gain the Competitive Edge with High-Performance Computing

Banks that leverage NVIDIA in their HPC environments are able to run more simulations that incorporate a greater variety and volume of data, yielding the insights needed to successfully manage the business’s risk profile, address regulatory and compliance requirements, and employ resources more efficiently.

NVIDIA AI Solutions

Deliver State-of-the Art Customer Experience

The success of AI for digital-first channels is driving investment in AI applications, virtual assistants, and chatbots for call centers. NVIDIA AI solutions can help reduce post-call time by as much as 80 percent, measure sentiment and how it changes during the course of a call, recommend the next- best step to the call center agent, and more. Improve the outcome and experience for your agents and customers—while reducing costs.

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NVIDIA Partners for Financial Services

NVIDIA solutions for the financial services industry go beyond products. Our partners are here to assist your organization at every level to build and execute transformative AI strategies, products, and services.

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AI Improves Credit For The Underserved

Building the AI-Powered Bank

Financial institutions are adopting AI to deliver smarter, securer services. GPU-powered AI solutions can centralize data to drive deeper, more holistic insights, offload routine tasks from employees with automation, accelerate risk calculations and fraud detection, and enhance customer service with conversational AI and more accurate recommender systems.

NVIDIA with OpenShift Completed the Most Calculations per Second in STAC-A2


Accelerated Computing for Trading

Faster processing results in smarter trade strategies, more successful trade execution, and increased revenue. GPU-powered hardware acceleration decreases time to insight, allowing operations to remain competitive.

In STAC-A2, NVIDIA with OpenShift set new records for market risk calculations, including fastest calculation time, delivering over 3X the throughput of peer systems. With NVIDIA technology, financial institutions can harness the power of AI and high-performance computing (HPC) to learn from vast amounts of data and respond quickly to market fluctuations.

AI can help banking firms better detect and prevent payment fraud


Transferring money to friends and family. Paying bills online. Using your phone to check out at the grocery store. Payments—online, mobile, in-store, business to consumer (B2C), and business to business (B2B)—power the global economy.

AI can help banking firms better detect and prevent payment fraud and improve processes for anti-money laundering (AML) and know-your-customer (KYC) systems. With NVIDIA GPU-accelerated machine learning and deep learning platforms, data scientists can deliver results in days, instead of the weeks more traditional methods require. Dmitriy Efimov, vice president for machine learning at American Express, attests, “For our production environment, speed is extremely important with decisions made in a matter of milliseconds, so the best solution to use are NVIDIA GPUs.”

AI in payments enables greater security and more transparency, creating a better experience for both firms and customers.

Using NVIDIA GPU-powered image analysis and AI, we can identify damages, automate claims handling for simple and clean cases, estimate costs and identify fraudulent claims.

—    Ping An (China’s Largest P&C Insurer)


Firms are moving beyond traditional claims management by embracing digital opportunities and adopting a fully analytics-driven approach. This includes using AI to automate claims handling for simple and clean cases, implementing AI-powered services to fast-track complex cases, and creating new digital services to increase customer satisfaction.



Fintech is driving global innovation that is transforming how companies, consumers, and money interact across industries, from financial services to retail to transportation and beyond.

Utilizing AI, fintech interactions are more personalized with recommendation engines, self-service is improved via conversational AI, and transactions are more secure because of deep learning fraud detection models. And that’s just the beginning.

Unprecedented Acceleration at Every Scale

In today's fast-paced markets, the ability to test and simulate model hypotheses with speed and accuracy can create revenue opportunities for financial institutions. The NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPU delivers acceleration at every scale for AI, data analytics, and HPC to tackle the toughest computing challenges in finance.

Unprecedented Acceleration at Every Scale
AI provides powerful computing for Data Centers

Powerful Computing for Data Centers

Financial services customers require AI infrastructure that improves upon traditional approaches, which involves slow architectures that siloed analytics, training, and inference workloads. This approach created complexity, drove up costs, constrained speed to scale, and wasn’t ready for modern AI.

From edge to data center, Tensor Core GPUs are available from every major computer system and server manufacturer to accelerate AI training. NVIDIA DGX™ A100 and NVIDIA DGX™ systems are equipped with the DGX software stack for rapid AI deployment.

Democratization—from Data Center to the Cloud

NVIDIA GPUs are available in all major cloud platforms worldwide. And NVIDIA’s software libraries and software development kits (SDKs) create a scalable solution that enables customers to deploy AI in the cloud, on their servers, or at the edge. These SDKs include NVIDIA® TensorRT for inference, TAO Toolkit for tuning deep neural networks (DNNs), and the NGC catalog for GPU-accelerated software containers. RAPIDS enables financial institutions to execute end-to-end data science and analytics pipelines on GPUs for better prediction accuracy. And with GPU-accelerated data science, organizations can run an exhaustive array of simulations, testing the robustness of their models and creating new financial opportunities

Democratization—from Data Center to the Cloud

NVIDIA AI Consulting Partner Network

Service Delivery Partners have special expertise in the transformational business benefits afforded by deep learning (DL), machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI). Learn about the consulting services they provide, as well as impactful solutions specifically for critical use cases in finance like conversational AI, computational risk, and fraud detection.

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