Edge Computing Solutions

Modern enterprises look to tap into the data generated from billions of IoT sensors found in retail stores, on city streets, and in hospitals. The ability to glean faster insights can mean saving time, costs—even lives. But to do this, edge computing solutions need to deliver powerful, distributed compute, secure and simple remote management, and compatibility with industry-leading technologies.

The Benefits of Accelerated Edge Computing

Intelligent Sensors Embedded in IoT Devices

Lower Latency, Faster Insights

Because edge computing processes data locally, instead of in the cloud or a data center, it minimizes latency and bandwidth needs, allowing for real-time feedback and decision-making. For example, intelligent sensors embedded in IoT devices can process data from autonomous machines and cameras on a factory floor and instantly alert workers about anomalies, malfunctions, and more. Beyond embedded devices, businesses can place edge servers in close proximity to the sensors, usually in a server room or closet in a store, hospital, or warehouse, to reduce latency even further.

Powerful, Scalable Compute

The physical distance between data and data centers causes latency. By bringing accelerated computing to the edge—closer to the source of data—edge computing reduces a major cause of latency. Yet with the massive amounts of data being constantly generated, embedded devices and edge servers still need the power of a data center to locally process all that information. With NVIDIA GPUs and software, businesses don’t need to sacrifice compute in exchange for latency or scalability at the edge.

NVIDIA GPUs and Software
NVIDIA EGX  Edge Computing Platform

Distributed, Simplified IT

When systems are distributed across multiple locations, organizations need to meet new challenges of provisioning, deployment, management, and maintenance. To keep operations running smoothly, it’s crucial that IT can install software on remote systems. The NVIDIA EGX™ AI platform—with Helm charts, containers, and continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD)—streamlines and accelerates that process. Using NVIDIA EGX, IT can deploy updated AI containers effortlessly in minutes.

NVIDIA EGX includes a GPU Operator that automates the installation and configuration of all components required to use GPU computing in a Kubernetes cluster. Components like the NVIDIA driver, container runtime, device plug-in, and monitoring are containerized and run on Kubernetes as services, resulting in IT having to manage only a single image for CPU and GPU nodes.

Accelerated Edge Computing Across Industries

Enterprises across every major industry are benefitting from GPU-powered edge computing solutions for faster insights. Select the industry below for more insight into relevant solution benefits.




Smart Cities


Accelerate AI at the Edge with EGX

The NVIDIA EGX AI platform delivers the power of accelerated AI computing securely to the edge with an easy-to-deploy, cloud-native software stack, a range of validated servers and devices, and a vast ecosystem of partners who offer EGX through their products and services.

  • Edge Computing Software
  • Edge Computing Infrastructure
  • Edge Management
NVIDIA EGX Edge Computing Software

Edge Computing Software

Quickly and easily provision GPU servers with NVIDIA EGX, a cloud-native, edge-first, and scalable software stack. A primary component of the stack is the NVIDIA GPU Operator, which standardizes and automates the deployment of all necessary components for GPU-enabled Kubernetes clusters.

The NVIDIA NGC™ catalog features an extensive range of GPU-accelerated  software for edge computing, including Helm charts for deployment on Kubernetes. The NGC catalog provides easy access to the top AI and data science software containers, pre-trained models, and SDKs, all tuned, tested, and optimized by NVIDIA. The NGC catalog makes it easy to build and deploy customized solutions that are powerful, secure, and scalable.

NVIDIA EGX platform

Edge Computing Infrastructure

Harness the power and versatility of NVIDIA GPUs and networking technology at the edge with the NVIDIA EGX AI platform. The EGX hardware portfolio starts with the power-efficient NVIDIA® Jetson™ family of products for tasks such as image recognition and sensor fusion. And it scales all the way to a full rack of NVIDIA T4 Tensor Core GPU servers, delivering more than 10,000 tera operations per second (TOPS) to serve hundreds of users with real-time speech recognition and other complex AI experiences.

NVIDIA EGX platform

Edge Management

NVIDIA Fleet Command is a hybrid-cloud platform for managing and scaling AI at the edge. With NVIDIA Fleet Command, managing and scaling your edge deployments are easy. Whether you have dozens of edge devices or millions, you can deliver AI securely and remotely to your entire network—in minutes.