Riva Studio

A no-code approach to enterprise speech AI.

What is NVIDIA Riva Studio?

NVIDIA Riva Studio is a no-code end-to-end text-to-speech (TTS) guided workflow that lets you create your brand voice in three steps – no audio engineering or AI expertise required.

Record Your Voice

Record Your Voice

Use the browser with in-app prompts and a recording tool. A predefined set of phonetically balanced sentences is available to create a 30-minute dataset for training a TTS model to learn your unique voice.

Customize the TTS Voice Model

Customize the TTS Voice Model

Make the model sound like you by choosing the range that best suits the pitch of your voice. The recommended typical voice pitch range setting for a human voice is already provided, along with a preprogrammed best recipe to customize the TTS model for your voice.

Deploy Your Voice Microservice

Deploy Your Voice Microservice

Generate an API to integrate a customized TTS model into your application. Download a deployable package with a helm chart to run on any cloud or on-premises Kubernetes cluster. Then, automatically host your voice microservice with NVIDIA, or set it up with just one-line of code.

Riva Studio Intuitive No-Code GUI

Riva Studio User Interafce

Test your recording environment and listen to every audio clip before accepting it. The quality of Riva Studio voice recorded data impacts TTS model finetuning and, therefore, the quality of your brand voice.

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No-Code Workflows

Ease of Use

Set up, customize, and deploy the Riva TTS model with intuitive no-code, end-to-end GUI workflows and no infrastructure configuration.

Use Your Browser to Record

Browser Voice Recorder

Record 30 minutes of required voice data for TTS model customization without going to the studio and figuring out how to record your voice.

No AI Expertise Required

No AI Expertise Needed

Expedite TTS model customization for your voice with preprogrammed recipes and no prior AI expertise needed.

Easy to Deploy

Ready-to-Integrate API

Deploy your voice microservice with NVIDIA or on the Kubernetes cluster in any cloud or in your data center.

Fast-track your brand voice creation.

Apply for NVIDIA Riva Studio early access to simplify and accelerate the development and deployment of your brand voice to your applications. No code, recording studio, audio engineering, or AI training model expertise required.