NVIDIA Clara Parabricks

End-to-End Genome Sequencing Analysis

From DNA to RNA, NVIDIA Clara Parabricks delivers powerful acceleration to primary, secondary, and tertiary analyses of genomic data. It does this with turnkey software designed for high-throughput labs on premises or in the cloud and a technology stack that gives developers the ability to build powerful compute tools for genomics.

FASTQ to Binary Alignment Map (BAM) to VCF

Accelerating Genome Analysis

  • For High-Throughput Labs
  • For Developers
Clara Parabricks Pipelines

Clara Parabricks Pipelines

Based on Broad Institute’s Genome Analysis Toolkit (GATK), NVIDIA Clara Parabricks Pipelines is a ready-to-run, GPU-accelerated software suite for:

DNA Germline variant calling for population genomics
DNA Somatic variant calling for cancer genomics and tumor mutational burden (TMB)
RNA sequencing projects from whole-transcriptome to single-cell analysis
Google’s DeepVariant that enables variant calling using a deep neural network

Optimized for speed, accuracy, and scalability, Clara Parabricks Pipelines can run the GATK4.1 Best Practices and is fully configurable, allowing users to choose which steps, parameter settings, and versions of the pipeline to run.

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Unmatched Secondary Analysis Performance and Throughput

Running on NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPUs, Clara Parabricks Pipelines delivers unprecedented performance, bringing analysis times down to 23 minutes for DNA Germline variant calling. With GPU acceleration, users can also benefit from reduced cloud computing costs by up to 50 percent when compared to CPU-only solutions.


Germline End-to-End Secondary Analysis

Why Use Clara Parabricks Pipelines

Easy to Get Started

Clara Parabricks Pipelines can be set up in 10 minutes. Use this step-by-step instructional video and start experiencing high-throughput analysis for DNA and RNA sequencing projects.

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Faster Diagnosis. Better Treatment Outcomes.

Clara Parabricks Pipelines returns results faster than non-GPU-accelerated solutions. Learn how TGEN uses same-day results to investigate the whole genome sequence of healthy and diseased cells to better determine the most effective therapy, personalized to each patient.

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Better Genomic Insights

Running in the cloud or on-premise, Clara Parabricks Pipelines can help researchers better understand viral pandemics like COVID-19 faster, from viral evolution to human response to human susceptibility. Watch to learn how.

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Clara Parabricks Pipelines Adopters



Clara Parabricks Support

Parabricks Pipelines Support Services provides you with an easy, reliable way to improve productivity and reduce system downtime for your production analysis systems. NVIDIA Support services for Parabricks includes:

  • Direct communication with NVIDIA technical and domain experts
  • Help with installation and usage of Parabricks Pipelines
  • Rapid response and timely issue resolution (cases are accepted for 24x7 remote support)
  • Access to all software upgrades, maintenance releases, bug fixes, and security patches
  • Help with temporary workarounds for confirmed bugs

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Clara Parabricks Toolkit

Clara Parabricks Toolkit

A collection of GPU-accelerated edge libraries, reference applications, and open-source applications, the NVIDIA Clara Parabricks Toolkit is created for developers to build AI-assisted workflows for genome analysis. With the toolkit, they can optimize mapping, aligning, and polishing for de novo genome assembly and enhance the resolution of single-cell epigenomics.

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