Inference at the Edge for Autonomous Machines

Fast, Power-Efficient AI for Embedded Applications

From portable medical devices to automated delivery drones, intelligent edge solutions demand advanced inference to solve complex problems. But these devices can’t rely on network connections back to the data center. They need inference performance in a low-power, small form factor—onboard. The NVIDIA® Jetson platform delivers this performance in the world’s fastest, most power-efficient supercomputer for inference at the edge.

A supercomputer on a module for autonomous machines

A Supercomputer on A Module for Autonomous Machines

NVIDIA Jetson TX2 is the latest addition to the industry-leading Jetson embedded platform. It’s based on NVIDIA’s Pascal architecture, delivering twice the performance of its predecessor. Or, it can run at more than twice the power efficiency while drawing less than 7.5 watts of power. This allows Jetson TX2 to run larger, deeper neural networks on edge devices. The result is smarter devices with higher accuracy and faster response times for tasks like image classification, navigation, and speech recognition.

Robust tools for building AI applications

Robust Tools for Building AI Applications

The Jetson platform for AI at the edge is powered by NVIDIA GPU and supported by the NVIDIA JetPack SDK—the most comprehensive solution for building AI applications. The JetPack SDK includes NVIDIA TensorRT for optimizing deep learning models for inference and other libraries for AI, computer vision, and multimedia to take your ideas to production. It also includes an open Linux platform, CUDA APIs, samples, and documentation to get you up and running quickly.

AI Across Industries

AI Across Industries

Jetson’s embeddable supercomputing capability gives developers the power to bring AI to applications that were once unimaginable. One company, Blue River Technology (now John Deere), has brought AI to the fields of America, helping farmers grow more food with fewer chemicals. Blue River uses tractor-mounted, Jetson-powered smart cameras to identify crops and weeds in real time, and trigger precisely metered sprays that kill the weeds and nurture the lettuce. See and Spray, Blue River’s second-generation technology, pushes agricultural automation even further. It can identify more types of plants with more precision, analyze a farm’s landscape, and make crop management decisions on the fly.

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