Omniverse Foundation Apps

Fully customizable reference apps built for creative and technical OpenUSD workflows.


Build Your Own OpenUSD Workflow

NVIDIA Omniverse™ foundation apps are best-practice implementations of native Universal Scene Description (OpenUSD) apps for 3D data aggregation and large-scale world simulation. Users can easily extend and customize the apps with custom-built extensions, or use them out-of-the-box.

Universal Scene Description (OpenUSD)

Open and Extensible Building

Whether you’re creating assets and environments for 3D worlds or building the tools that will make these worlds possible—working with a universal format ensures widespread compatibility across devices, platforms, and users.

Omniverse’s foundation apps are built with OpenUSD, an extensible framework and universal interchange for describing, simulating, and collaborating across tools. 

These apps are built to showcase what is possible with OpenUSD. It is up to developers to build on top of, extend, or use pieces of these foundation apps to create personalized tools that accelerate workflows and collaboration in previously unimaginable ways.

Core Features

Functionality to Power Interoperable 3D Workflows


Unify Your Tools, Data, and Users

All foundation apps are built on OpenUSD, enabling you to connect design and content creation, CAD, and simulation tools and data to see a fully unified, real-time view of your complete datasets. Iterate rapidly with non-destructive workflows across multiple layers of data and collaborators.

*Multi-user collaboration requires an Omniverse Enterprise or Cloud license

Credit: Rafi Nizam, Jeremy Lightcap


Build and Experience Physically Accurate Worlds

Leverage the Omniverse platform’s built-in RTX Renderer, enabling real-time ray and path tracing, or connect your favorite Hydra renderer directly into the viewport. Scenes come alive with realistic physics powered by NVIDIA’s PhysX® suite of advanced simulation technologies.


Create Faster With Generative AI

Connect and interact with your preferred gen AI agents by quickly building Omniverse extensions, or supercharge your workflows with LLM-enabled OpenUSD development.

*All generative AI research projects and Connectors available in NVIDIA Omniverse use legally licensed and purchased datasets.


Portal into OpenUSD Worlds Any Way You Like

Interactively assemble, light, and navigate fully ray-traced OpenUSD scenes via a 2D display, or immerse yourself as you develop your scene with native spatial computing capabilities.

Built by NVIDIA

Omniverse Foundation Apps

Omniverse foundation apps are modular assemblies of Omniverse extensions built on Omniverse Kit. Omniverse extensions are all provided as source, so developers and teams can easily customize or extend the apps—or develop their own from scratch.

Built by Partners

Developed on Omniverse

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Frequently Asked Questions

Omniverse foundation apps are best-practice example implementations and configurations of Omniverse extensions. They are provided as a generic template on which developers and customers can customize, extend, and personalize according to their workflow.

Foundation apps can be used out-of-the-box, but, to maximize the true value of the Omniverse platform, customization and extension is highly encouraged. Every developer, customer, and user will have their own interpretation of Omniverse foundation apps.

To install Omniverse foundation apps like USD Composer, USD Presenter, or others, follow the steps below:

  • Download NVIDIA Omniverse and run the installation
  • Once installed, open the Omniverse launcher
  • Head to the Omniverse Exchange and find the Apps section
  • Click to install on your desired app, then launch

Explore system requirements for each foundation app within the Omniverse documentation.