NVIDIA Graphics Delivery Network

NVIDIA Graphics Delivery Network

Stream high-fidelity interactive 3D applications to any device.

Reach 100+ Regions With Superfast and Responsive RTX Graphics

NVIDIA Graphics Delivery Network (GDN) leverages NVIDIA’s global cloud streaming infrastructure to deliver frictionless access to high-fidelity 3D interactive experiences.

Key Benefits

Frictionless Click-to-Launch Streaming

Share a URL with your audience to get them into your streamed application via a web browser. No download or login required. Or, leverage a Client SDK to integrate streaming into your own application.

Leading Graphics Technology With Global GPU Capacity

Stream RTX graphics from a global network of 50K+ GPUs covering 50% of the global population with new capacity added each quarter. Choose between on-demand or reserved capacity.

Automated Content Management

Leverage the NVIDIA Developer Portal and NVIDIA Developer Services Platform APIs to manage content, deploy builds, and access other developer tools.

Transform Every Device Into a Supercharged RTX Machine

A Platform-Agnostic Gateway to the Metaverse

Powering immersive 3D applications requires serious GPU, CPU, and RAM resources, but only a fraction of today’s online desktops, mobiles, and TVs can meet those requirements. But with NVIDIA GDN, you’re ready to stream Windows and Linux interactive applications built with any 3D engine to almost any connected device. Simply choose a machine type and unlock your creative vision by bringing your application to GDN. NVIDIA will do the rest to stream it worldwide to your global audience.

Instance Type Options

GPU Resolution Up To* Frame Rate Up To* RTX ON vCPUs RAM
4080-class 4K 240 FPS   16 28 GB
2080-class 1080p 60 FPS   8 14 GB
1060-class 720p 60 FPS   4 7 GB

*Recommended maximum resolution and frame rate. Actual performance depends on device type, application, and more.

See NVIDIA GDN in Action

Rimac Nevera 3D Configurator

Built with NVIDIA Omniverse USD-GDN Publisher, the Rimac Nevera configurator is a fully real time, fully 3D experience showcasing the ground truth USD-based car model.


The Baymax Dreams experience is the first premium, interactive, 3D-animated content of its kind.


Start your driving experience of the new generation DAF XF, XG, and XG+ online today. No download or registration required.

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