Watch Dogs: Legion - The Latest Blockbuster To Incorporate Real-Time Ray Tracing

By Andrew Burnes on June 10, 2019 | Featured Stories E3 2019 GeForce RTX GPUs Ray Tracing Turing

Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs® games have been at the forefront of open-world gaming, with massive cities, plenty of NPCs, and numerous other cutting-edge effects not found in other titles. Furthermore, the PC editions of both Watch Dogs® and Watch Dogs 2® benefited greatly from partnerships with NVIDIA, which has seen PC-exclusive tech and experience-enhancing features introduced, delivering the definitive experiences.

Now, we’re partnering once again, to bring DXR real-time ray tracing to the newly-announced Watch Dogs®: Legion, which is set in a photorealistic near-future London.


“Ubisoft goes to painstaking lengths to recreate the cities featured in their games, and ray tracing will add a whole depth to the new look and feel of the London-based Watch Dogs: Legion,” said Matt Wuebbling, head of GeForce marketing at NVIDIA. “NVIDIA’s history of helping with Watch Dogs goes back to the beginning of the franchise, and we are ready to wow PC gamers once again with ray tracing in Watch Dogs: Legion.”

Watch Dogs: Legion’s futuristic London comes alive with a vibrance and realism that can only be achieved with ray tracing,” said Chris Early, VP Partnerships & Revenue at Ubisoft. “GeForce RTX is leading gaming into the future and is the perfect platform to focus on for Watch Dogs: Legion.”

Watch Dogs: Legion delivers a never-before-seen gameplay innovation that allows you to recruit and play as anyone you see in the iconic city of London. Every single character in the open world is playable, and everyone has a backstory, personality, and skillset that will help you personalize your own unique team. Bring your characters online and join forces with friends to take back London in four-player co-op missions, end-game challenges, and daily events. Welcome to the Resistance.

For further news about Watch Dogs: Legion, its PC tech, and our partnership, stay tuned to And for news about the game itself, head to Ubisoft’s official Watch Dogs: Legion website