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Take the Self-Paced, Three-Part Lab

NVIDIA® Cumulus Linux™ is the industry’s leading open network operating system. Get firsthand experience at your own pace and convenience in this three-part, hands-on, introductory lab.

Sign up to receive your NVIDIA Cumulus Linux lab guide and access these three on-demand modules. In Lab 1, you’ll explore the basics of NVIDIA Cumulus Linux and Network Command Line Utility (NCLU) before building your workbench. Lab 2 is all about network interfaces and connectivity. Finally, Lab 3 dives into layer-3 routing features, Free Range Routing (FRR), and Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) unnumbered.

Get you started with open networking:

Lab 1 Covers the Basics

Lab 1: The Basics

Get an overview of NVIDIA Cumulus Linux and NCLU, and learn how to build your workbench.

Lab 2 Covers Connectivity and Interface Types

Lab 2: The Switch

Take our largest module on connectivity, interface types, and the Linux bridge.

Lab 3 Covers Layer 3 Routing

Lab 3: The Third Layer

Wrap it up with layer-3 routing features, FRR, and BGP unnumbered.