NVIDIA Quantum-X800 InfiniBand Platform

Highest-performance, end-to-end 800Gb/s networking designed for massive-scale AI.

World’s First End-to-End 800Gb/s Networking

The NVIDIA Quantum-X800 platform is the next generation of NVIDIA Quantum InfiniBand, purpose-built for trillion-parameter-scale AI models and comprised of the NVIDIA Quantum-X800 InfiniBand switch, NVIDIA ConnectX®-8 SuperNIC, and LinkX cables and transceivers.

The new platform supports advanced hardware-based, In-Network Computing with Scalable Hierarchical Aggregate Reduction Protocol (SHARP)™ v4, adaptive routing, and telemetry-based congestion control, enabling a new frontier of AI innovation.

Key Benefits

Platform Components

NVIDIA Quantum-X800 InfiniBand Switches

The NVIDIA Quantum-X800 InfiniBand switch provides 144 ports of 800Gb/s connectivity per port. It includes hardware-based In-Network Computing with SHARP v4, adaptive routing, telemetry-based congestion control, performance isolation capabilities, and a dedicated port supporting the Unified Fabric Manager (UFM). NVIDIA Quantum-X800 switches also add advanced power-efficiency features, including low-power link state and power profiling.

The NVIDIA Quantum-X800 switch provides increased performance and power efficiency to significantly reduce scientific computing, AI workload completion time, and energy costs.

NVIDIA ConnectX-8 SuperNIC

The NVIDIA ConnectX-8 SuperNIC delivers 800Gb/s connectivity with ultra-low latency and supports the latest in advanced In-Network Computing. Based on the ConnectX architecture, it continues to provide accelerated MPI hardware engines, quality of service, adaptive routing, congestion control, and more.

LinkX Cables and Transceivers

The NVIDIA Quantum-X800 platform connectivity options with the NVIDIA LinkX® interconnect portfolio provide the maximum flexibility for building a preferred network topology, using connectorized transceivers with passive fiber cables and linear active copper cables (LACCs).

Quantum-X800 Solution Brief

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Quantum-X800 Press Release

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