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The NVIDIA® Mellanox® end-to-end network management solutions enable monitoring, management, analytics and visibility, from the edge, to the data center and cloud. Realize actionable insights that help to reduce administration and resolve problems faster, while gaining an end-to-end view into network operations.


Unified Fabric Manager (UFM)

The NVIDIA® Mellanox® UFM® platforms revolutionize InfiniBand data center networking management, by combining enhanced, real-time network telemetry with AI-powered cyber Intelligence and analytics to support scale-out data centers.


NVIDIA® Mellanox® NEO is a powerful platform for managing scale-out Ethernet computing networks, designed to simplify network provisioning, monitoring and operations of the modern data center. NEO offers robust automation capabilities that extend the existing tools, from network staging and bring-up, to day-to-day operations. Serving as a network API for Mellanox Ethernet solutions, NEO offers integrations with partner solutions from, OpenStack, Nutanix, Cumulus Networks, and more.

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