Streamline Your Autonomous Vehicle Development

Join us for NVIDIA DRIVE® Developer Days to experience deep-dive sessions on safe and robust autonomous vehicle development. These special sessions are free to attend and showcase the latest innovations in autonomous driving. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to hear directly from the NVIDIA engineering team that’s helping transform the transportation industry.

Featured Sessions

Safe and Secure Autonomous Vehicle Development with NVIDIA DRIVE OS

> Harsha Velugoti | Software Engineer, NVIDIA

This session demonstrates how to develop safe and secure autonomous vehicle applications for the NVIDIA DRIVE AGX™ platform. It will cover the NVIDIA DRIVE OS safety architecture, safety development tools, workflows, safety documentation, and standards. These include both functional safety development with DRIVE OS QNX for Safety and reliable vehicle operation through a reasonable level of oversight, redundancy, and diagnostics with DRIVE OS Linux with Safety Extensions.

NVIDIA DRIVE Sim on Omniverse

> Matt Cragun | Product Manager, NVIDIA

NVIDIA DRIVE Sim™ on Omniverse™ is an end-to-end simulation platform architected from the ground up to run large-scale, physically accurate multi-sensor simulation. This session showcases the latest developments and capabilities in DRIVE Sim software. Demonstrations will highlight innovative development techniques using simulation.

Building Synthetic Datasets for Perception with NVIDIA DRIVE Sim

> Gautham Sholingar | Product Manager, NVIDIA
Hai Loc Lu | Lead System Software Engineer, NVIDIA

NVIDIA DRIVE Replicator powered by DRIVE Sim offers users a powerful way to generate synthetic datasets to train AI/ML perception algorithms, bootstrap algorithm development, augment real world datasets with hard-to-capture edge cases, and validate AV perception algorithms. This session will walk you through demonstrations of the DRIVE Replicator tools. In addition, this session will highlight the technology that enables DRIVE Replicator to produce physically accurate synthetic sensor data and ground truth for training AV perception algorithms at scale.

NVIDIA DRIVE Infra for AV Development and Testing

> Norm Marks | Global Head, Automotive Enterprise, NVIDIA

A primary challenge in developing autonomous vehicles is the complexity of the infrastructure and testing required to support AI development. This session provides insights and expertise from NVIDIA AV training and testing efforts on NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD™, including AI infrastructure at scale, overcoming data management challenges, and ML Ops.

Developing Services for NVIDIA DRIVE Concierge

> Aparna Rangarajan | Product Manager, NVIDIA

NVIDIA DRIVE Concierge enables drivers and passengers to have a personalized AI cockpit experience. This session discusses how developers can build for DRIVE Concierge, integrating a wide variety of services for the automotive experience of the future.

Taking NVIDIA DRIVE Chauffeur on the Road

> Carmen Maxim | Product Manager, NVIDIA
Chongyu Wang | Product Manager, NVIDIA

NVIDIA DRIVE Chauffeur features the perception, mapping, and planning layers to handle both highway and urban traffic scenarios. This session provides an update on the DRIVE Chauffeur perception stack, introducing the high-level architecture of perception multi-task network for performing a wide range of AV tasks.

NVIDIA Map: An Open Mapping Platform

> Birgit Henke | Engineering Manager, NVIDIA
Ivana Stojanovic | Senior Engineer, NVIDIA

NVIDIA Map is a platform for creating constantly up-to-date maps that scale across entire fleets. This session presents the NVIDIA Map strategy and how AV companies developing on any hardware and driving stack can take advantage of this worldwide mapping solution.  

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