The guidelines and rules listed below outline what behavior is expected of you and others in this community space and are supplemental to the NVIDIA Account Terms of Use.

Use of this space is a privilege and not a right and NVIDIA reserves the right to remove or suspend member access to these forums at any time. Failure to comply with this code of conduct or the direction of an NVIDIA moderator may result in discipline being taken upon your account, up to and including the termination of your NVIDIA account. All moderation of the GeForce.com community is at the discretion of the employees, moderators, and community team members of NVIDIA (collectively "NVIDIA Community Team") and all decisions are final.


NVIDIA cannot be held responsible for the actions or comments made by users in the various areas of the forums or social media outlets. NVIDIA reserves the right to remove any content published by a user without prior-warning or notification.

Our Vision of Community:

We believe that our community should be a place where gamers, tech-enthusiasts, dreamers and visionaries can come and engage in interesting and fun discussion, to participate in exciting community programs and receive help from our technical experts. Whether you are visiting our community on Social Media or via our Forums please ensure that you actively respect the following Code of Conduct.

Forbidden Conduct:

The following list of forbidden conduct gives examples of unacceptable behavior that will result in a potential account or forum ban, this list should not be considered exhaustive. If you are harassed by another community member, report the user to a moderator. If you are harassed or feel you are harassed it does not give you permission to violate the Code of Conduct to retaliate against other users.

  • Any suspected breach of the Code of Conduct or Terms of Use will lead to an investigation by NVIDIA community team and a potential suspension or ban of a user's NVIDIA account.
  • Users are expected to follow instructions given to them by NVIDIA community team. Non- compliance of the user will be considered a breach of the Code of Conduct and may lead to an account suspension or ban.
  • When using the services provided by NVIDIA, users may not engage or encourage any illegal behavior or communications.
  • While participating on the forum and any NVIDIA website you agree to abide by the following Code of Conduct.


Do Not:

  • Use defamatory language, images or links to websites which insult, bullies or defames other users, NVIDIA community team or groups of people.
  • Use language or post content deemed illegal, dangerous, obscene, abusive, vulgar, defamatory, hateful, racist, sexist, Nationalistic, ethnically offensive or that constitutes harassment.
  • Use language or post content, links to websites or images that promotes racial/ethnic hatred, racial/ethnic slurs or symbols of racial/ethnic hatred will not be tolerated.
  • Use the NVIDIA forum direct-message system to harass, stalk or bully other users
  • Take actions that sexually or physically harass an NVIDIA community team or community member
  • Abuse other users or NVIDIA community team via any NVIDIA forum or social media channels


Do Not:

  • Post off topic threads in specific parent forums

Account Duplication & Impersonation:

Do Not:

  • Create duplicate NVIDIA accounts
  • Impersonate or hijack the accounts of other NVIDIA community members or NVIDIA community team

Extreme Sexuality & Violence

Do Not:

  • Reference to extreme and/or violent sexual acts
  • Reference to extremely violent actions or events
  • Proliferate or reference Pornography
  • Make inappropriate reference to human anatomy, sexuality or bodily functions
  • Engage in or create messages or content that proliferate violence or sexual acts


Do Not:

Participate in, craft or send verbal or physical threats of violence to another user. Any reference to links, websites or language that:

  • Refers to violence towards a user, member of NVIDIA community team or persons outside of our community will not be tolerated.

Impersonation and Distribution of Personal Information

Do Not:

  • Impersonate a NVIDIA moderator, NVIDIA Community Team or fellow community member.
  • Release any personal information about other NVIDIA users or NVIDIA team.

Promotion & Advertising

Do Not:

  • Spam, solicit or advertise on these forums without prior approval. Any type of soliciting will result in your immediate removal from the forum.
  • Advertise other forums, websites or companies.
  • Attempt to gain support for a non-NVIDIA sponsored petition or poll that advertises content not relevant to the NVIDIA community
  • Post pirated or illegal videos, movies, television shows

Hacks, Malicious Content and Viruses

Do Not:

  • Post links, images or content that references hacks, malicious viruses or programs.
  • Post information or leaks regarding NVIDIA technology or content
  • Use hacks, scripts or any other method available to hijack the forum or its functionality

Religion, Religious Figures and Religious Concepts

Do Not:

  • Discriminate against or negatively portray any religions, religious figures or concepts.

National Identity

Do Not:

  • Promote national hatred, slurs, symbols or content that represent hatred.


Do Not:

  • Excessively spam, ridicule or create unrest on the forums.
  • Excessively use non-sensical phrasing, images or phrases to cause disruption or confusion on threads
  • Cause issues or disturbances within the community such as; hijacking threads, insulting other users, making non-constructive posts, abusing the report feature or create nonsensical messages or imagery
  • Bait and switch threads or post links to content that violates the NVIDIA Code of Conduct
  • Post materials that degrade, defame or harass other users or NVIDIA Community Team

Duplicate, Cross-Link & Click Bait Threads

Do Not:

  • Create duplicate threads in a purposefully disruptive manner
  • Link to threads from other forums outside of GeForce.com
  • Create threads for the sole purpose of linking another post
  • Post "Click Bait" to referral sites, polls, advertising, external content that is not relevant to NVIDIA

Trade Secrets and Leaks

Do Not:

  • Post, reference or link to competitor, or NVIDIA trade secrets
  • Post confidential information to our forums or Social Spaces
  • Leak information from other companies, competitors or NVIDIA
  • Post materials that allow users to circumvent NVIDIA software

Bans & Disciplinary Action

Do Not:

  • Create posts or threads to discuss disciplinary actions taken against another forum user
  • Create posts or threads that dispute bans on accounts
  • Create posts or threads that use screenshots, images or other forms of content to make a case to be unbanned.

Disciplinary Action

We encourage our community to respect one another and follow the Code of Conduct as it has been laid out above. If you are found to be in violation of the code of conduct, the NVIDIA Community Team will impart a ban on your forum account.

The NVIDIA Community Team reserves the right to take disciplinary action on any NVIDIA Forum Account at any time, for any reason.