HD Mapping for Self-Driving Vehicles

The Future of Mapping

The advanced sensors and high-performance compute that are laying the foundation for autonomous vehicles are also driving the next generation of high-definition (HD) map development. NVIDIA DRIVE® Mapping is NVIDIA’s platform for creating constantly up-to-date HD maps that scale across entire fleets. This open mapping solution also localizes vehicles to these maps with centimeter-level accuracy for safe and robust autonomous driving.

Map Creation

NVIDIA DRIVE Mapping creates fully automated, scalable HD maps using the DRIVE Hyperion sensor set, NVIDIA DRIVE Orin high-performance compute, and DRIVE Perception software to detect semantic road features. These detections are transmitted to NVIDIA® DGX supercomputers, which aggregate data from vehicle fleets to build and maintain accurate HD maps.

To enable higher levels of autonomy,  NVIDIA generates edited and validated maps by deploying a fleet of survey-grade vehicles with higher-precision sensors to the environments where autonomous vehicles will operate.


Localization lets an autonomous vehicle know its orientation, precisely where it is on the road, and even which lane it’s in. With the compute power of NVIDIA DRIVE Orin, DRIVE Localization uses mass-production vehicle sensors to position vehicles to HD maps with robustness and centimeter-level accuracy.

NVIDIA and DeepMap

DeepMap is now part of NVIDIA. With DeepMap’s expert-developed, high-definition, and scalable technologies, DRIVE Mapping can deliver an enhanced mapping and localization solution.

NVIDIA automotive solutions are available to automakers, tier 1 suppliers, startups, and research institutions working on the future of transportation.