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Seeking Alpha

NVIDIA’s DRIVE PX Pegasus is a Royal Flush for Self-Driving Cars
 “The Drive PX Pegasus is the supersized version of Intel’s neuromorphic chip.” – 10/12/17
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EE Times

Intel Outpaces Intel in Robo-car Race
“At 320 TOPS, Pegasus’ computational performance literally blows Nvidia’s competitors out of the water.” – 10/11/17
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How NVIDIA Keeps Driving Higher
“While there is no shortage of chip companies driving hard for the opportunity, Nvidia has garnered a pole position in the race to build self-driving cars thanks to its advances in artificial intelligence.” – 10/11/17
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The Mercury News

Nvidia, ZF, Deutsche Post to launch autonomous delivery trucks
“U.S. chipmaker Nvidia, German supplier ZF and logistics giant Deutsche Post DHL have partnered to deploy a test fleet of autonomous electric delivery trucks starting in 2018.” – 10/10/17
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Automotive News Europe

Nvidia, ZF, Deutsche Post to launch autonomous delivery trucks
“U.S. chipmaker Nvidia, German supplier ZF and logistics giant Deutsche Post DHL have partnered to deploy a test fleet of autonomous electric delivery trucks starting in 2018.” – 10/10/17
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DHL aims for an autonomous future with a fleet of self-driving delivery vehicles
“DHL is upgrading its fleet of 3,400 StreetScooter electric delivery vehicles with Nvidia’s latest autonomous Pegasus PX technology and ZF’s sensor array.” – 10/10/17
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Market Watch

Opinion: Nvidia has now become the leader in autonomous-driving technology
It has dominated in compute performance for the gaming, graphics, enterprise and artificial-intelligence (AI) fields for several years, and translating that to self-driving cars is a move that will help steer the direction of the GPU giant. – 10/10/17
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The Hollywood Reporter

Why Hollywood Could Make Billions From Self-Driving Car
"Artificial intelligence will be permeating every aspect, from monitoring what's going on outside the vehicle - making sure the road is clear and safe - to a robust in-car AI system that recognizes who is in the car via facial recognition." – 8/28/2017 
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Nikkei Asian Review

Nvidia tightens grip on the autonomous-car brain
"In age of graphics processing units for AI, it bids to push Intel aside" – 8/15/2017
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Automotive News

STATE OF SUPPLIERS: Nvidia's technology processes trillions of impulses to replicate human thinking
"…there is one car part of the future that has virtually no similarity to anything in the past, and that is the brain. It is what Nvidia and the auto industry call a driving platform." – 7/31/2017
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Business Insider

Nvidia is distancing itself from its driverless car tech competition
"NVIDIA has been working for years to bring its semi-autonomous vehicle technology to the roads, and the company just showed that it continues to be a leader in the space with the debut of Audi's new A8." 7/18/2017
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San Jose Mercury News

How Nvidia's 'brains' are Dominating the Self-Driving Race
"Nvidia has quietly become one of the top suppliers of the "brains" that control self-driving cars" - 7/9/2017
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The Washington Post

How video games helped give us the self-driving car
"Self-driving cars. They're the future of transportation — and they're getting smarter all the time. Thanks to advances in software and artificial intelligence, these machines are now able to distinguish between cars and cyclists, or between pedestrians and your pet." - 7/5/2017
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Car and Driver Magazine

With More Partnerships, Nvidia Solidifies Its Grip on Self-Driving Tech
"Nvidia has risen to become one of the most important Silicon Valley companies developing technology for self-driving vehicles." - 6/30/2017
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Automakers Want to Test More Self-Driving Cars on U.S. Roads
“Automakers are seeking permission to put more experimental self-driving cars on the road to speed their development.” 6/14/2017 Read More >


Nvidia And Waymo Grab Early Lead In First Lap Of Self-Driving Car Race
“It’s too soon to declare a winner in the long race to perfect self-driving cars but Nvidia and Alphabet’s Waymo have notched successes in both technology and strategic partnerships.” 5/22/2017 Read More >


Toyota is using Nvidia’s car supercomputer for its autonomous vehicles
“The Toyota deal is a big one since the Japanese car maker is one of the largest in the world.” 5/10/2017 Read More >


Toyota and NVIDIA strike a deal to bring to market autonomous cars ‘within next few years’
“Toyota has become today the latest automaker to team up with NVIDIA in order to accelerate their autonomous vehicle program.” 5/10/2017 Read More >


Car industry players diverge on timescale for self-driving cars
“Nvidia has applied its market-leading expertise in high-end computer graphics to the intense visualisation and simulation needs of autonomous cars, and has been working on artificial intelligence - teaching computers to learn to write their own software code - for a decade.” – 3/16/2017 Read More



Nvidia and Bosch team up on self-driving car AI supercomputer
“This is the kind of strategic tie-up that lets both partners do what they do best – Nvidia can focus on developing the core AI supercomputing tech, and Bosch can provide relationships and sales operations that offer true scale and reach.” 3/16/2017 Read More >


Nvidia And Bosch Teaming Up To Make Computer Brains For Automated Cars
“Nvidia has racked up a powerful array of alliances with global automakers and suppliers in the race to perfect vehicles that can drive without a human at the wheel.” 3/16/2017 Read More >


Nvidia partners with PACCAR on self-driving truck tech
“In aggregate, all of the deals Nvidia is securing to provide the computing horsepower needed to make autonomous vehicles a reality represent a significant strengthening of its long-term position, as demand for self-driving is likely to only grow over the next couple of decades at least.” 3/16/2017 Read More >

Road Show

Nvidia goes big, teams up with PACCAR on self-driving trucks
“PACCAR manufactures several popular brands of semi truck, and Nvidia is working on the future brains of self-driving cars. Sounds like a perfect match to me.” 3/16/2017 Read More >

Wired Magazine

Roborace unveils Robocar, the world's first AI-powered, self-driving electric racer
“Robocar can reach speeds of 199mph and is controlled by artificial intelligence using Nvidia's Drive PX2 'brain' “ – 2/27/2017 Read More >


Self-Driver’s Ed
“Data centers filled with computers like the DGX-1 train the neural networks to recognize objects and behaviors, ultimately developing a kind of instinct that can be deployed when on the road” – 2/7/2017 Read More>

The Verge

The most important car companies of 2017
“Nvidia is particularly well-positioned to provide the silicon behind autonomous vehicles — the AI and processing needed for it are directly in its wheelhouse. “ – 1/13/2017 Read More >

Car and Driver Magazine

Artificial-Intelligence Developers: We’re Thinking beyond Autonomous Cars
“At the CES technology show in Las Vegas, (ZF CEO Stefan) Sommer unveiled his company’s newest product, an electronic control unit that contains artificial-intelligence software tailored for self-driving vehicles, including not only cars but also trains, buses, forklifts, trucks, tractors, and mining equipment. The brains behind the ECU come courtesy of Nvidia….” 1/13/2017 Read More >

The Wall Street Journal

Audi Pushes Toward Fully Autonomous Cars
“The Audi-Nvidia partnership is an expansion of the companies’ work to introduce an Audi A8 semiautonomous system later this year called the traffic jam pilot, which will allow a driver to hand off control of the vehicle at speeds of up to 35 miles an hour in certain conditions.” –1/4/2017 Read More >


CES 2017: Nvidia Announces New Self-Driving System for Commercial Vehicles
“Nvidia's AI is helping ‘take a giant leap forward" in enabling vehicular autonomy.’” –1/4/2017 Read More >


NVIDIA built an AI backseat driver for its new AI car platform
“Seriously, though, [NVIDIA’s] Co-pilot seems like it could be a useful addition to plenty of cars. It could make driving a lot safer until autonomous cars are readily available (and legal).” –1/4/2017 Read More >

The Wall Street Journal

Nvidia CEO Sees Smart Cars Getting Much Smarter
“Jensen Huang says technology for driverless cars evolving ‘way faster than Moore’s Law” –10/25/2016 Read More >


Musk Isn't Waiting For 2020s; All Teslas Being Built With Self-Driving Gear Now
“All Tesla Motors Model S sedans, Model X sport utilities and even Model 3 sedans, are getting sensors, cameras, massive computing power and software that will, at some point, allow them to achieve the highest level of autonomous driving.” –10/19/2016 Read More >


NVIDIA Doubles Down On Self-Driving Cars With Xavier AI Chip And A Hat Tip To Next Gen Volta GPU
“Also, what may pique the interest of gamers, as well as self-driving car platform engineers, is that Xavier’s GPU engine, a burly 512-core beast, is based on NVIDIA’s next gen Volta GPU architecture.” –9/28/2016 Read More >


Nvidia’s new Xavier SoC is an AI supercomputer for cars
“Clearly, Nvidia’s ambitions lie with autonomous driving, and it’s starting to look like its work in that area could eclipse its identity as a graphics hardware provider pretty quickly.” –9/28/2016 Read More >


Nvidia releases DRIVE PX 2
“Many automakers have been trying to do that for ages and Nvidia has solved the problem for its partners, and complements its data centre solution for mapping and training.” –9/13/2016 Read More >


Nvidia Shows Off New AI Computer For Baidu’s Self-Driving Car
“That solves a problem faced by carmakers incorporating self-driving technology – how to pack the punch of AI, which helps cars make decisions, into a compact computer suitable for production-ready vehicles.” –9/12/2016 Read More >


Here's How Baidu Can Benefit From Its Partnership with nVidia In Self-Driving Cars
“Open Platform Can Attract More Automakers - Both Baidu and nVidia are working to make their autonomous driving platform an open platform and let other automakers to use it for their own self-driving vehicles.” –9/12/2016 Read More >

The Wall Street Journal

Chip-Maker Nvidia Teams Up With Baidu to Develop an Artificially Intelligent, Self-Driving Car
“Chip maker Nvidia Corp. and Chinese internet giant Baidu Inc. said Thursday that they are forming a partnership to develop a self-driving, artificially intelligent car” – 9/1/16 Read More >


NVIDIA Teams Up With Baidu On 'Cloud-to-Car' Map System For Autonomous Vehicles
“NVIDIA Corp., the graphics chip maker seeking big opportunities to use its technology for automated driving, is partnering with Chinese search engine giant Baidu to use artificial intelligence to create a “cloud-to-car” mapping system for self-driving vehicles.” – 9/1/16 Read More >


NVIDIA and Baidu partner on a ‘top-to-bottom’ platform for self-driving cars
“NVIDIA co-founder and CEO Jensen Huang revealed a new partnership on stage at Baidu’s annual Baidu World conference today. This partnership with Baidu will see Nvidia and the Chinese tech giant work together on building a comprehensive autonomous driving platform.” – 8/31/16 Read More >

Yahoo News

Watch Roborace's Self-Driving Race Car Tear Up the Track
“To get the Robocars driving around race tracks, Roborace is using multiple lidar and radar sensors mounted around the car, along with a GPS system and a supercomputer provided by Nvidia.” – 8/23/16 Read More >

The Verge

Roborace details the tech behind its wild autonomous racecar
“The graphic also calls out the Nvidia Drive PX 2 supercomputer, which is the brain that will power the Robocars. The Drive PX 2 is a beast — it uses 12 CPU cores to produce eight teraflops of computing power and 24 trillion operations a second.” – 8/4/2016

Car and Driver Magazine

Automated Slot Cars for Big Boys: This Is RoboRacing
“The real power behind the upcoming race series isn’t in electric motors or sleek design; it’s in the car’s ability to process huge amounts of data at lightning speed. Roborace enlisted the help of Nvidia, a Silicon Valley tech company, to develop the supercomputers needed to power the cars’ programming.” – 7/25/2016 Read More >

Motor Trend

Testing (semi) Autonomous Cars with Tesla, Cadillac, Hyundai, and Mercedes
“Nvidia, showed a video of its new and remarkable Drive PX 2 (a dense supercomputer fashioned into an autonomous starter kit for researchers and car companies); without traditional software coding, an Nvidia system observed a human pilot for a while and gradually learned (“deep learned”) how to drive. Just by watching.” – 7/5/2016 Read More >

USA Today

Your average car is a lot more code-driven than you think
“Adding more types of cameras, sensors such as LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) and technologies to process these new types of input, such as NVIDIA’s artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled DRIVE PX, are adding even more computing horsepower to today’s cars.” – 6/28/2016 Read More >

Investor's Business Daily

Tesla Partner Nvidia Races GPUs Vs. Apple, Google Self-Driving Cars
“This isn't your daddy's GPU.” – 6/24/2016 Read More >


Investment opportunities in the autonomous vehicle space
“Of the three, Nvidia is arguably taking this opportunity seriously and investing most heavily in it. Investors have taken notice, with the company’s stock trading near an all-time high.” – 6/11/2016 Read More >

Automotive News

Carmakers tap Nvidia's supercomputer to make leap toward self-driving cars
"A part of automakers' transition into becoming mobility providers is creating vehicles that can drive themselves. A key partner in this quest is Nvidia."- 6/6/2016 Read More >

CNN Money

This self-driving car company is on fire
"One of the hottest tech stocks of the past year and a half is helping to make driverless cars a reality."- 5/23/2016 Read More >

The New York Times

In Audi's Virtual Cockpit, Technology Is Your Co-Pilot
"The heart of the virtual cockpit is a powerful computer processor made by Nvidia.Nvidia said that precision and safety were two important goals of the virtual cockpit."- 5/19/2016 Read More >