Volvo Cars

Volvo Cars and NVIDIA

Volvo Cars has been working with NVIDIA since 2016, developing AI-assisted driving features for new models on the high-performance, energy-efficient NVIDIA DRIVE® platform. These next-gen solutions feature advanced software developed both in-house and by Zenseact, Volvo Cars’ autonomous driving software company.

Volvo Cars Introduces EX90, Built on NVIDIA DRIVE

New Volvo EX90 SUV Heralds AI Era for Swedish Automaker, Built on NVIDIA DRIVE

Volvo Cars’ all-electric vehicle is the first model powered by the high-performance NVIDIA DRIVE Orin™ compute platform.

Sensors on electric successor to XC90 – Complete sensor set

Technology in Motion: NVIDIA and Volvo Cars Detail Software-Defined Future of Safe Transportation

All roads to the future of autonomous, electric, and connected transportation run through one key innovation: software-defined, centralized computing.


Next-Generation Electric Volvo Comes with Lidar and an AI-Driven Supercomputer to Help Save Lives

Volvo Cars’ forthcoming fully electric flagship SUV will have industry-leading safety technology–standard–helping to save even more lives as the company sets a new benchmark for automotive safety.


Volvo Cars Extends Collaboration with NVIDIA to Use NVIDIA DRIVE Orin Across Its Fleet

Volvo Cars is extending its long-held legacy of safety far into the future. The global automaker announced during the GTC keynote today that it will use NVIDIA DRIVE Orin™ to power the autonomous driving computer in its next-generation cars.


Volvo Cars Selects NVIDIA DRIVE AGX Xavier for Production Cars

DRIVE AGX Xavier™ is a highly integrated AI car computer that enables Volvo to streamline development of self-driving capabilities while reducing total cost of development and support. The initial production release will deliver Level 2+ assisted driving features, going beyond traditional advanced driver assistance systems.


Automakers Extend AI Use Beyond Autonomous Vehicles into Back Office

Zenuity—a self-driving venture between Volvo and Veoneer—uses the high-performance NVIDIA DGX™-1 to handle the exponentially increasing volume of sensory data needed to train their models, reduce data bottlenecks, and speed up development cycles.

NVIDIA automotive solutions empower automakers, tier 1 suppliers, startups, and research institutions to transform the future of transportation.