TuSimple and NVIDIA

TuSimple, an autonomous trucking company, has been using end-to-end NVIDIA solutions since 2017— in the data center with DNN development on NVIDIA GPUs and in the vehicle with an advanced autonomous domain controller (ADC) now built on NVIDIA DRIVE Orin. By tapping into high-performance, software-defined AI compute, TuSimple is positioned to move the entire trucking industry forward.

Welcome to the Driver Out Era

Learn how TuSimple’s AI-based, Level 4 autonomous trucking technology addresses the industry’s greatest challenges.

TuSimple at CES with NVIDIA DRIVE Hyperion

The Autonomous Era Arrives at CES 2022 With NVIDIA DRIVE Hyperion

See TuSimple’s and others’ plans for intelligent vehicles built on NVIDIA DRIVE®.

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TuSimple and Navistar to Build Autonomous Trucks Powered by NVIDIA DRIVE

Find out more about this partnership, one of the first to enable dedicated self-driving commercial fleets.

Autonomous Trucking: The Pursuit of Safer, More Efficient Logistics

TuSimple Chief Product Officer Chuck Price explains the unique challenges in developing an autonomous system designed for heavy-duty trucks.

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TuSimple Operates New Kind of Mail Carrier in Self-Driving Pilot

See how NVIDIA DRIVE partner TuSimple is autonomously transporting U.S. Postal Service shipments ahead of schedule.

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