Building the AI-Enabled University

Universities are preparing students for an ever-changing world. Emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and data science are poised to become a core fabric of higher education and research institutions and a key to unlocking scientific breakthroughs. Leading universities are tapping into NVIDIA GPU-accelerated supercomputers, labs, and programs to equip students, faculty, and researchers with the tools they need to transform the world.

Drive the next-generation workforce with advanced computing resources

Empowering the Next-Gen Workforce

Engage, train, and nurture students, researchers, and faculty through practical, hands-on experience with the latest technology. Supercomputers and labs run by NVIDIA GPUs deliver massive processing gains, driving a next-generation workforce with exascale computing.

Boosting Research and Funding

Think broadly about engagements between universities, industry, and government to allow use-inspired research. Research and workforce capacity can be grown through robust partnerships between academic projects and industry roles and expectations.

Grow research capacity and build partnerships for academic projects
NVIDIA is committed to fair and inclusive AI

Ensuring Equitable Access to AI

Experience fair and inclusive AI. NVIDIA is committed to bringing the power of GPUs into the hands of K-12 students, state and community colleges, historically black colleges and universities, and hispanic-serving institutions.

Accelerating AI Readiness

Reduce critical time spent deploying technologies. From lab desks to data centers, NVIDIA GPU platforms provide researchers, students, and data science enthusiasts with the performance and tools they need to get up and running quickly.

Reduce critical time spent deploying technologies

Achieving AI Excellence with NVIDIA

Build your universal AI infrastructure with NVIDIA DGX Systems

Build an AI Infrastructure

NVIDIA DGXsystems provide powerful compute infrastructure that unifies all workloads with top performance, simplifies infrastructure deployment, and delivers cost savings.

Take hands-on training through NVIDIA DLI and access course curriculum with NVIDIA teaching kits

Enhance Your Curriculum

The NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI) offers hands-on training and resources in AI, accelerated computing, and accelerated data science—from self-paced online courses to complete course solutions like NVIDIA Teaching Kits.

Support and enable researchers with NVIDIA’s Applied Research Accelerator Program

Nurture Top Talent

The NVIDIA Applied Research Accelerator Program supports researchers through technical guidance, hardware grants, funding, grant application support, and AI training programs, not to mention networking and marketing opportunities.

Find the latest education discounts

Get Education Discounts

With a valid, accredited-university email address, NVIDIA makes state-of-the-art computing platforms accessible to students, researchers, and faculty with discounted education pricing on NVIDIA GPU hardware.

Start your journey toward building an AI university.