Early Access to New Features Ahead of Public Release
The goal is simple – we'd like to give gamers a chance to try out our upcoming software and provide feedback so we can build amazing products and get it to everyone quickly.

Latest Experimental Features:

  • Multi-Track Audio: GeForce Experience is releasing Multi-Track Audio feature for users to record audio in separate tracks. You now have the ability to separately record audio from your system and microphone. This enables you to independently control audio volume, edit, or even remove with post-processing.
  • GameStream Coop: GameStream Co-op lets you stream your game over the Internet to a friend and play together cooperatively – just as if your friend was sitting in the chair next to you. Using Gamestream Co-op, you can now get help on a tough level, play in co-op mode, or just do a real-time 1:1 live stream with your friend. It's fast, fun, and a whole new way to enjoy PC games.

How to Try Experimental Features:

  • Open up “Settings” in GeForce Experience and select “Enable Experimental Features.”