Conversational AI In Retail

Conversational AI—which combines natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning—bridges the gap between humans and computers, allowing for more natural communication. It’s helping retailers improve customer service with convenient, personalized experiences. And it’s being used to compile and analyze consumer data to derive actionable insights, both in store and online.

“Kroger uses conversational AI in the form of chatbots in various aspects of the customer experience. For example, when a customer calls into our call center, our chatbot greets them and helps them resolve common issues. Again, when a customer arrives to pick up their order, we use AI to route customer arrival notices to the right associate.” – Victoria Uti, Director, Principal Research Engineer, Kroger

Multimodal Conversations

Speech-to-text algorithms have evolved, and now, conversational AI can engage with customers while identifying speakers and labeling their contributions. NVIDIA® Riva fuses multi-sensor audio and vision data into a single stream of information that can be used for advanced transcription, like differentiating multiple voices in real time.

NVIDIA Conversational AI Platform
AI-Enabled Chatbots

AI-Enabled Chatbots

NVIDIA Riva, which runs on the NVIDIA EGX™ enterprise platform, lets retailers expand services by building and deploying AI applications that fuse deep learning models for speech recognition and speech synthesis, language understanding, and vision. For example, Square improved conversations for buyers in stores by deploying conversational AI in its virtual scheduler. Square Assistant can understand and provide help for 75 percent of customers’ questions.

Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants have become a part of our daily lives, and they can be a tremendous help in retail applications. For example, CP All, Thailand’s sole licensed operator of 7-Eleven convenience stores, recently turned to AI to dial up its call centers’ service capabilities. The company’s customer service bots help call center agents answer frequently asked questions and track customer orders. The bots understand and speak Thai with 97 percent accuracy.

 Retailer Using Nvidia Conversational AI

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