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How Developers Create Lifelike Digital Humans Using AI

Developers are exploring how generative AI can accelerate their content pipelines and provide new experiences—and one area they’re focusing on is the creation of digital humans for next-generation gaming experiences and virtual customer service interactions.

Traditionally, creating digital humans has posed numerous challenges. Achieving realism requires capturing intricate human anatomy, facial expressions, and movements. Animating characters with natural movements and behaviors demands sophisticated motion capture systems. And optimizing performance to ensure everything runs in real time is computationally intensive. To address these challenges, teams are turning to generative AI to find innovative ways of creating interactive digital humans.

NVIDIA ACE is a suite of technologies that help developers bring digital humans to life. ACE AI microservices are designed to run in the cloud or locally on the PC. With individual microservices, platform developers can take portions of the ACE technology suite and incorporate them into their end-to-end platform.

Harnessing AI for Real-Time Language Understanding, Speech, Animation and Graphics

NVIDIA ACE for speech and animation, NVIDIA NeMo for language, and NVIDIA RTX™ for ray-traced rendering are the building blocks that enable developers to create digital humans capable of AI-powered natural language interactions, making conversations more realistic and engaging. 

The digital human technologies suite includes language, speech, animation, and graphics powered by AI: 


Technologies that help developers bring digital humans to life with facial animation powered by NVIDIA Audio2Face (A2F) and speech powered by NVIDIA Riva Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Text-to-Speech (TTS).  


An end-to-end platform for developing custom generative AI. NeMo enables developers to deliver enterprise-ready models with precise data curation, cutting-edge customization, retrieval-augmented generation, and accelerated performance.


A collection of rendering technologies such as RTX Global Illumination (RTXGI) and DLSS 3.5 that enable real-time path tracing in games and applications.

Developers can leverage NVIDIA digital human technologies to build their own solutions from the ground up, or use NVIDIA’s suite of domain-specific AI workflows for next generation game characters, interactive digital assistants for customer service, and digital avatars for real-time communication.

Generative AI models can be both compute and memory intensive, and running both AI and graphics on the local system will require a powerful GPU with dedicated AI hardware. ACE is flexible in allowing models to be run across cloud and PC depending on ‌local GPU capabilities to ensure the user gets the best experience.

Covert Protocol is a technology demo created in collaboration with Inworld AI. This sample leverages NVIDIA ACE microservices such as NVIDIA Audio2Face and Riva Automatic Speech Recognition.

"The combination of NVIDIA ACE microservices and the Inworld AI Engine enables developers to create digital characters that can drive dynamic narratives, opening new possibilities for how gamers can decipher, deduce and play."

Kylan Gibbs, CEO, Inworld AI

"Generative AI-powered characters in virtual worlds unlock various use cases and experiences that were previously impossible,” said Convai Founder and CEO Purnendu Mukherjee.  “Convai is leveraging NVIDIA ACE technologies such as Riva automatic speech recognition and Audio2Face to enable lifelike non-playable characters with low latency response times and high fidelity natural animation."

Purnendu Mukherjee, Founder and CEO, Convai 

Getting Started With Building Avatars Using Generative AI

Developers can start their journey on NVIDIA ACE. Apply for our early access program to get access to in-development AI models. If you want to explore available models, visit to find NVIDIA NIM to experience and evaluate them directly from a browser or through API endpoints running a fully accelerated stack. Developers with an NVIDIA AI Enterprise license can download NIMs and deploy on DGX Cloud, any CSP, or private cloud.

For customers looking for an end-to-end digital human solution, reach out to NVIDIA partners that have integrated ACE microservices, including Convai, Inworld, Data Monsters, Quantiphi, UneeQ, and Top Health Tech.

Example of an NPC platform provider that's leveraging NVIDIA ACE

NVIDIA ACE is a suite of technologies that help developers bring digital avatars to life with generative AI. ACE AI models are designed to run in the cloud or locally on the PC.

Microservice is an architectural style that structures an application as a collection of services. The microservice architecture enables an organization to deliver large, complex applications rapidly, frequently, reliably, and sustainably.

NVIDIA ACE is a suite of technologies that help developers bring digital humans to life with generative AI. In gaming, no longer do in-game NPCs need to be robotic with limited responses. With ACE technologies, NPCs can have open-ended conversations infused with emotion that’s driven by generative AI.

ACE microservices are the technological building blocks of digital humans. With individual microservices, platform developers are free to take portions of the ACE technology suite and incorporate them into their product offerings. ACE AI models are designed to run in the cloud or locally on the PC.


Pushing the Boundaries of Game Characters in Covert Protocol

Watch how NVIDIA and Inworld AI worked together to create Covert Protocol, an innovative technology demo that brings AI characters to life.

Real-Time Generative AI Healthcare Agents

Meet this AI agent developed in partnership with Hippocratic AI, built with Hippocratic AI’s state-of-the-art technology and NVIDIA ACE microservices.

Building Digital Avatars with NVIDIA ACE Microservices

With ACE production microservices, developers will be able to easily deploy state-of-the-art AI models into their end-to-end digital avatar solution.

Create Lifelike Avatars with AI Animation, Speech Features

These latest animation and speech capabilities enable more natural conversations and emotional expressions.

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Top game and digital human developers are pioneering ways ACE and generative AI technologies can be used to transform interactions between players and NPCs in games and applications. Learn more about NVIDIA ACE, future developments, and early access programs.