Terms and Conditions

Qualified Education Institution

Select NVIDIA promotion and discount programs provide special pricing to Educational Institutions.

What is a Qualified Educational Institution?

Education Pricing Eligibility Requirements:

  • A public or not for profit K-12, vocational school, junior college, college, university, scientific or technical institution with a primary focus on teaching students.
  • For use by students or employees of an education institution with .edu or .ac email addresses
  • If .edu or .ac are not in email domain then the institutions name should be clearly recognizable as educational affiliation.
  • State or local government-sanctioned agencies that purchase on behalf of a pool of school districts, community colleges, or other small educational institutions are also eligible
  • Organizations and people directly related to the academic institution (e.g. hospitals that are wholly owned and operated by an education institution) are also eligible.
  • For-profit institutions (e.g. training centers that operate a business) as well as students, teachers, lecturers, researchers and tutors affiliated with such institutions are not eligible

Additional Education Pricing Program Terms:

  • Non-commercial use only
  • Research and education use only
  • NVIDIA reserves right to watermark streams (i.e., include an NVIDIA logo) on all NVIDIA product
  • NVIDIA reserves the right to admit or deny any party requesting to participate in program