Minimum Specifications for Laptops and Desktops

NVIDIA Studio Hardware

  • GPU
  • CPU
  • Displays
  • RAM
  • SSD
  • Studio Drivers




With hundreds of applications now accelerated for the GPU, the GPU is the engine of your system—and RTX GPUs are the fastest on the planet. Get enhanced AI and faster video processing and rendering so you can focus on your ideas instead of the progress bar.



The latest Intel or AMD CPUs

The raw processing power and cores needed to run the OS and ensure smooth interaction between vital machine components, allowing your GPU’s impressive performance to shine.



Pixel-Accurate 1440p or 4K

NVIDIA Studio laptops come equipped with high resolution OLED, miniLED, or IPS displays that are brighter and display colors better. They support a wide color gamut, up to 100% DCI-P3. And they come factory calibrated to ensure that you are ready to go from day one.



Minimum 16 GB of Dual Channel Memory

Memory is a crucial element in digital creative work. More RAM lets you work with larger video, photo, or 3D files, increases workflow speeds, and delivers a much smoother experience when working in multiple apps at once.



Minimum 512 GB

SSD drives are exponentially faster than traditional mechanical hard drives. Benefits include faster boot times, file opening, saving, editing, and application launching.


Studio Drivers

The Invisible Advantage

Behind every NVIDIA GPU and every creator are NVIDIA Studio Drivers. Together with creative app developers, teams of testers and engineers are continually optimizing the way your NVIDIA hardware works with your favorite creative applications—enhancing features, reducing the repetitive, and speeding up your workflow. Studio Drivers undergo extensive testing to deliver the performance and reliability you need so you can create at the speed of imagination.