NVIDIA Logo and Brand Guidelines

NVIDIA’s logo and other branded elements are key to our company’s unique identity and differentiation. These assets may not be used in any manner that isn’t expressly authorized in writing by NVIDIA.

Our Logo

NVIDIA vertical (preferred) format

The NVIDIA logo vertical format is the preferred format.

NVIDIA horizontal format

NVIDIA logo horizontal format

Using Our Logo

The NVIDIA logo is our primary brand identifier and the most often used element of NVIDIA's visual identity. It is our signature, so consistent and proper use is important. Usage of our logo infers a partnership or endorsement. To ensure brand consistency across all touchpoints, the below guidance must be adhered to when using the NVIDIA logo.

Examples of approved logo usage:

  • For co-branding with partner logos.
  • When NVIDIA is a sponsor.
  • In a group of logos alongside other companies (“logo garden”).
  • In educational or research applications that use NVIDIA technologies and products.

Use The Right Size

The NVIDIA logo must be represented as large and bold as possible. When faced with space limitations, these are the minimum sizing requirements so the logo is legible.

NVIDIA logo pixel sizes.
NVIDIA logo pixel sizes.

Use the Right Color

Use the full, two-color logo wherever possible. One-color versions are available for use with the NVIDIA green background and if the two-color options are not reproducible.

Ensure the color profile matches the application (digital vs print).

Use a minimum contrast ratio of 1:10 against the background when using the NVIDIA logo.

Using the right color for NVIDIA logos.
Using the right color for NVIDIA logos.
Using the right color for NVIDIA logos.

Keep It Legible

The NVIDIA logo should always have a minimum area of clear space. This clear space ensures the logo is clearly readable when surrounded by text, headlines, images, or other logos. 

Clear space on all sides should be at least the size of the box of the "eye" element of the logo. This is a minimum, but additional space is welcome.

Clear space around the NVIDIA logo.
Clear space around the NVIDIA logo.

Logo Misuse

Do not separate the eyemark and wordmark.

Do not move or break the position of the eyemark and wordmark and scale them independently or remove the register mark.

 Do not change or customize our logo.

Do not customize or re-create the NVIDIA logos.

Do not modify the source files to create alternative orientations of the logo.

Do not modify the source files to create alternative orientations of the logo.

Do not distort our logo in any way.

Do not distort or modify proportions of the logo.

Do not apply special effects to our logo.

Do not apply effects to the logo or stylize them.

Ensure sufficient clear space around our logo.

Do not use the logos without sufficient clear space.

Do not scale down our logo.

Do not scale the logo below minimum specified sizing so that it is illegible.

Do not modify colors in our logo to combinations we haven’t explicitly approved.

Do not modify colors of the logos to unapproved combinations.

Do not use our logo on busy backgrounds.

Do not use NVIDIA branding on busy backgrounds.

Do not use unofficial fan-generated art in NVIDIA communication materials.

Fan Art

Do not use unofficial, fan-generated art as part of any NVIDIA communication material. These images pose a risk of confusing and misleading viewers.

 Do not use endorsements , affiliations, or sponsorships that do not exist.

Unapproved Endorsements

Do not use NVIDIA branding (logos, names, visual style) in any way that implies affiliation, endorsements, or sponsorship that is not approved or where the relationship does not exist.

 Do not use artwork from 3rd party sites that contains NVIDIA branding and imagery.

Logo Sites and Stock Art

Do not use artwork from third-party websites that contain NVIDIA branding and imagery. This includes editorial imagery.

Do not mimic or imitate NVIDIA branding

Imitation and Appropriation

Do not mimic or imitate NVIDIA branding and visual style in your communication,even if a partner or sponsored by NVIDIA. Do not appropriate NVIDIA intellectual trademarks (logos, names) with your own names, brands, logos, website, slogan, or design.

It is prohibited to use our logo on your company’s merchandize, swag, or giveaways.

On Gear and Merchandise

Do not use the logo on merchandise for sale or giveaway.

 Do not use logos that are outdated or retired.

Retired Branding

Do not use retired logo marks shown above or any branding that is not outlined on this page.