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Realize Your AI Ambitions Sooner

Many organizations seek to infuse their business with AI but struggle with where to start and how to select the software, tools, and platform that will help them deliver insights quickly. The NVIDIA AI Starter Kit is everything you need to take you from AI idea to deployed applications in a fraction of the time and cost of DIY solutions.

On an AI Mission? Begin with the AI Starter Kit.

Most Popular AI Appliance

The World’s Most Popular AI Appliance

NVIDIA DGX systems have been deployed by thousands of customers around the globe, including nine of the top 10 global universities and ten of the top 10 government institutions.

AI Supercomputer at Your Fingertips

AI Supercomputer at Your Fingertips

No data center? No problem. NVIDIA DGX Station A100 provides a powerful AI appliance that just plugs into any standard wall outlet.

Ready-to-Use Software

Ready-to-Use AI Software

Our growing portfolio of AI models, scripts, and libraries enable data scientists to focus on innovating instead of integrating.

DGX-ready certified software

Enterprise-Grade Data Science Tools

DGX-ready certified software makes your data scientists more productive by automating non-core tasks and driving more ideas to deployment faster.

Domain-specific knowledge and expertise

Expert Guidance

Domain-specific knowledge and expertise from NVIDIA and our partners help you navigate the path from concept to production.

Scaled AI infrastructure

A Foundation for Growth

With DGX A100, the foundational building block for scalable AI infrastructure, your AI Starter Kit can grow into scaled AI infrastructure whenever you need it to.

Reduce Risk and Complexity of Your AI Projects

Working with NVIDIA’s AI experts has helped us resolve performance issues and optimize the setup of inference pipelines and software stack. This collaboration really helped us improve our utilization of our AI infrastructure.

— Vibhor Aggarwal, Visual and HPC Team Lead, Shell

Upskill Your Team

NVIDIA Professional Services (NVPS) is a team of professionals with expertise ranging from maintaining small and mid-sized systems to building and installing some of the biggest supercomputers in the world. NVPS will be your partner in your AI journey and provide consultative help—from initial strategy to data architecture and from model development and MLOps to post-deployment support.

From Private Industry to Higher Education

Many educational institutions are looking to AI to attract the minds and financial resources needed to meet their goals. The NVIDIA AI Starter Kit for Higher Education enables institutions to overcome challenges around technology integration and management, while ensuring their researchers have access to the latest technologies.

NVIDIA AI Starter Kit for Higher Education

See How Customers Are Using DGX Systems

Lockheed Martin Uses AI-Guided Predictive Maintenance to Minimize Downtime

Lockheed Martin is using DGX systems to train large-scale sensor data from fleets to improve the accuracy of models that predict asset health. With optimized software and hardware purpose built for AI, they experienced a 2X speedup in training time compared to CPU-based servers, with no change to architecture or code.

DGX systems to train large-scale sensor data

Scotiabank Embraces AI for Credit Risk

Scotiabank is using DGX systems to build scorecards that determine credit risk. An NVIDIA AI expert identified and added a feature in XGBoost that produced scorecards 6X faster with a single GPU—something that used to require 24 CPUs—setting a new benchmark for the bank. The ability to boost accuracy while maintaining the model's explainability is helping good customers get the loans they need.

Scotiabank Embraces AI for Credit Risk

Wellcome Sanger Institute Is Cracking the Code to Find Cancer Causes

The Wellcome Sanger Institute is using DGX systems to speed analysis and identify unique patterns in cancer-causing mutations. Their researchers worked with an NVIDIA AI expert to achieve a 50X speedup in their machine learning software, SigProfiler. Using DGX systems, they were able to analyze data from 20,000 patients in one day, compared to the one month it used to take.

SigProfiler. Using DGX systems

Domino's Uses AI to Boost Predictions for Order Accuracy Readiness

Domino's is using DGX systems to train complicated models—taking into account variables such as how many managers and employees are working, the number and complexity of orders in the pipeline, and current traffic conditions—and sped training time from three days to less than an hour. This let them iterate more and boosted the accuracy of their model from 75 percent to 95 percent, helping them to better predict when orders will be ready.

Domino's Uses AI to Boost Predictions

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