Lease an NVIDIA DGX System

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Quickly put AI supercomputing power in the hands of your developers and data scientists with our special leasing program for NVIDIA® DGX systems. NVIDIA Financing Solutions (NVFS) for DGX systems give you the flexibility to access the latest technology, while improving cash flow. Customers have been known to save 15-20 percent of the total solution cost, using the weighted average cost of capital (WACC) to discount the future cash flows to present value.

NVFS for DGX Systems

NVFS is a financing program for NVIDIA DGX systems, NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD, and NVIDIA DGX POD solutions that offers true Fair Market Value (FMV) or opex structures and full payment leases or capex structures to suit varying customer needs. NVFS has a number of preferred funding partners to ensure customers get the best value and cash flow savings available.

Better Business Value with NVFS

Improve Your Cash Flow

Improve Your
Cash Flow

Lower your upfront IT costs and reduce capital strain with a FMV lease structure that ensures lower overall expense and more free cash flow.

Increase Your Purchasing Power

Increase Your
Purchasing Power

Choose 100% financing options that result in working capital savings and predictable monthly payments for effective risk management.

Maintain Better Asset Management

Maintain Better
Asset Management

When you opt for fixed payments, with the ability to bundle services to the total solution, you lower your risk and have the ability to outsource monetization of the residual value.

Stay on the Cutting Edge

Stay on the
Cutting Edge

Align your lease terms to NVIDIA's hardware refresh cadence and always access the latest technology.

Align to Business Growth

Align to
Business Growth

Scale-up capacity by adding additional lease schedules, as needed, and an increase to your monthly payment.

Leasing Options

NVFS offers attractive lease structures to match a range of customer needs.

NVIDIA DGX Station A100

NVIDIA DGX Station A100

Workgroup Appliance for the Age of AI

To get started with AI, without a data center, DGX Station A100 provides a powerful AI appliance that just plugs into any standard wall outlet. Pay a low monthly fee to have an NVIDIA DGX Station A100 for your team, a powerful “data center-in-a-box,” under your desk.

All DGX systems have the same base operating system and quality assurance testing, so when you are ready to scale-up from your DGX Station A100 to DGX A100 systems, you get easy and predictable interoperability.



The Universal System for AI Infrastructure 

When a bit more performance and capacity is needed, migrate to the NVIDIA DGX A100, installed in your data center or preferred colocation provider.

An FMV lease structure can future-proof your infrastructure by taking advantage of the inherent tech-refresh structure provided by that lease. You can lower your run rate IT expense, in perpetuity, as long as your tech refresh is executed on a timely basis.



Democratizing the Data Center for the AI Enterprise

If you want a turnkey AI infrastructure solution, the NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD offers you a complete solution with servers, storage, and all the networking, as well as the racks and cables necessary to make it all work. This also comes with installation and technical consultancy services.

NVFS provides a monthly payment option for the entire solution, making the acquisition process simple and easy to understand.



Infrastructure Solutions Built on NVIDIA DGX A100 

Take advantage of proven architectures that combine NVIDIA DGX systems with NVIDIA networking and the highest-performing storage solutions from NetApp, Pure Storage, DDN, IBM, Dell EMC, WekaIO, and VAST Data. If you are seeking a turnkey solution configured in a complete rack that’s easy to deploy, the NetApp ONTAP AI integrated solution can get you up and running extremely fast.

NVFS can provide financing for all components of an NVIDIA DGX POD.

Bring the power of NVIDIA DGX systems to your AI team today with a simple and affordable acquisition method that helps you save free cash flow.