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The Fast, Powerful Cloud for Accelerated Computing and Visualization

Together, NVIDIA and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) are helping organizations achieve faster results to solve data challenges—without massive expenditures or complex infrastructure management. Leverage NVIDIA® Tesla® GPUs to accelerate deep learning, analytics, science simulation, and other high performance computing (HPC) workloads and NVIDIA GRID with GCP to accelerate graphics-intensive workloads from anywhere.


Tesla P4

AI Inference and Graphics Virtualization

Tesla V100

Highest Performance for

Tesla P100

Compute and Graphics Virtualization

Tesla K80

Entry-Level Compute


GPU-Accelerated Containers from NVIDIA GPU Cloud

NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC) provides simple access to pre-integrated and GPU-optimized containers for deep learning software, HPC applications, and HPC visualization tools that take full advantage of NVIDIA Tesla V100 and P100 GPUs on Google Cloud Platform. Now, you can deploy production-quality, GPU-accelerated software in just minutes.

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NVIDIA TensorRT is a high-performance deep learning inference optimizer and runtime that delivers low latency and high throughput for inference applications. Optimize neural network models, calibrate for lower precision with high accuracy, and deploy models to Google Cloud Platform. And because it’s tightly integrated with TensorFlow, you get TensorFlow’s flexibility with TensorRT’s powerful optimizations.

Google Kubernetes Engine

NVIDIA GPUs and Google Kubernetes Engine

NVIDIA GPUs in Google Kubernetes Engine turbocharge compute-intensive applications like machine learning, image processing, and financial modeling by scaling to hundreds of GPU-accelerated instances. Package your GPU-accelerated applications into containers and benefit from the massive processing power of Google Kubernetes Engine and NVIDIA Tesla V100, P100, or K80 GPUs whenever you need them, without having to manage hardware or virtual machines (VMs).


GPU-Accelerated Virtualized Graphics

NVIDIA GRID for GPU-accelerated graphics enables creative and technical professionals to maximize their productivity from anywhere by accessing the most demanding professional design and engineering applications from the cloud. Google Cloud Platform gives designers and engineers the flexibility to run virtual desktops on Tesla P100 and P4 GPUs.

AI is the most important technology development of our time, with the greatest potential to help society. As the world’s leading cloud providers deploy the world’s best AI platform with Volta GPUs and NVIDIA software, we’ll see amazing breakthroughs in medicine, autonomous transportation, precision manufacturing, and much more.

– Jensen Huang, Founder and CEO, NVIDIA

[GPUs] with Kubernetes provide a powerful, cost-effective, and flexible environment for enterprise-grade machine learning. Ocado chose Kubernetes for its scalability, portability, strong ecosystem, and huge community support... It also has great ease-of-use and the ability to attach GPUs to provide a huge boost over traditional CPUs.

– Martin Nikolov, Research Software Engineer, Ocado

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