Release Highlights

Latest Version:
Release Date: 2021.01.11
Language: English (or regional language)
File Size: 132 MB

Restore your system to the previously installed driver with the new Driver Rollback feature. Easily revert back to the last driver installed by Quadro Experience if you encounter undesired system behavior with a newly installed driver.

Capture unlimited desktop video at up to 8K HDR at 30 frames per second with the NVIDIA RTX A6000 GPU (up to 4K HDR at 60 frames per second with Quadro GPUs).

Release Date: 2020.05.27
Language: English (or regional language)
File Size: 134 MB

Get automatic driver release notifications for new NVIDIA® Quadro® drivers, including the option for direct download in Quadro Experience™.

Use high-performance, low-system-impact desktop recording. Supports up to 4K resolution (H.264), with the ability to capture up to 20 minutes of instant replay.

Use customizable hotkeys to quickly capture screenshots of your work. Captures are stored automatically in the Quadro Experience gallery for convenient retrieval.

Live broadcast your desktop screen to Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube to share work with remote audiences or contribute content to online communities.

Stream desktop applications or games to an NVIDIA SHIELD™ device to remotely view and control your desktop.

Launch games and access gaming features like Optimal Playable Settings. Note: this feature only works for systems with a Quadro RTX™ graphics card.

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