NGC Support Services

Get the Most from Your NGC-Ready Systems

NVIDIA NGC Support Services provide you with enterprise-grade support to ensure that your NGC-Ready Systems run optimally, maximizing system utilization and user productivity. Direct access to NVIDIA subject matter experts means you can quickly address software issues, minimize downtime and capitalize on ROI.

Supported Software

Supported Software

NGC Support Services cover the NVIDIA® driver, CUDA®, container runtime for Docker and containerized AI/DL/ML software from NGC. See a complete list of NGC-Ready supported software.



NGC-Ready systems are supported on Ubuntu and RHEL, both bare metal and virtualized. You can access the NVIDIA vGPU Product Support Matrix for more information.

Private Registry

Private Registry

Store, secure, manage, and share your custom AI content, such as containers, model scripts, and Helm charts, within your enterprise through the Private Registry.

Expert Support

Expert Support

Need quick help? NGC Support Services connect you live with NVIDIA software experts during local, regional business hours. You can also use the NVIDIA Support Portal to log issues and review cases 24x7.

NGC Support Services Partners

To streamline the overall process, we have qualified several of our OEM partners to sell NGC Support Services. You can purchase a single or multi year contract from partners listed below. Please contact us if you don’t see your OEM in the list below.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do NGC Support Services include hardware support?

    No. Hardware is covered by the system manufacturer.

  • What are NGC Support Services?

    To complement the NGC-Ready program, NVIDIA now offers NGC Support Services, providing enterprises with local business-hour support for NVIDIA software on NGC-Ready systems with V100, T4, and RTX 6000 or 8000 GPUs. This level of service ensures that GPU-based systems run optimally and that users can take full advantage of NVIDIA GPU compute resources, as well as deep learning (DL) and machine learning (ML) framework containers from NGC.


    Learn more in the NGC Support Services terms and conditions

  • What are NGC-Ready Systems?

    The NGC-Ready program was developed to validate servers to run AI workloads from training to inference. To qualify, NGC-Ready servers are required to have passed an extensive suite of tests that verify their ability to deliver high performance when running NGC containers. NGC-Ready system validation includes tests of:

    • Single and multi-GPU DL training using TensorFlow, PyTorch, and NVIDIA DeepStream TAO Toolkit.
    • High volume, low latency inference using NVIDIA® TensorRT™, TensorRT Inference Server, and DeepStream.
    • Data science using RAPIDS and XGBoost.
    • Application development using the CUDA® Toolkit.


    NGC-Ready for Edge servers have, in addition to passing the NGC-Ready tests, demonstrated their ability to support the NVIDIA EGX platform that uses both TPM for hardware-based key management and IPMI for remote systems management industry standards.

  • What does NGC Support Services for NGC-Ready Products include?

    The program covers support for containers from NGC, installed on bare-metal and virtual machines, along with CUDA and associated drivers. For more details, refer to the NGC-Ready supported software list.

  • Where can I purchase NGC Support Services?

    NVIDIA OEM partners who are part of the NGC-Ready program are eligible to sell NGC Support Services. Consult this list for eligible partners and validated systems.

  • What are some of the benefits of NGC Support Services?

    With NGC Support Services, you can:

    • Maximize your GPU performance and build optimized AI solutions that allow you to scale up and out with direct help from NVIDIA experts.
    • Save time and resources with access to all the tools you need to accelerate your time to solution. You’ll also have free access to the NGC Private Registry, a secure, cloud-hosted platform designed to help you collaborate and build AI faster. 
    • Experience minimal downtime with direct access to enterprise-grade support from NVIDIA AI experts.
  • Are NGC Support Services mandatory with NGC-Ready products?

    NGC Support Services are entirely optional. However, the services can prove to be critical for eliminating downtime and expediting time to solution.

  • Will NVIDIA provide support for customers without NGC Support Services?

    NVIDIA will document the issue/gap, send the details to a customer representative for evaluation, and they will, in turn, recommend the appropriate action.

  • What is the NGC Private Registry?

    The NGC Private Registry was developed to provide users with a secure space to store and share custom containers, models, model scripts, and Helm charts within their enterprise. The Private Registry allows them to protect their IP while, at the same time, increasing collaboration.

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