Accelerating Innovation with Applied Research

Join the NVIDIA Applied Research Accelerator Program.​

Advance Applied Academic Research

The NVIDIA Applied Research Accelerator Program supports research projects that have the potential to make a real-world impact through deployment into GPU-accelerated applications adopted by commercial and government organizations. This program is designed to accelerate development and adoption by providing access to technical guidance, hardware, and funding based on project requirements, maturity, and impact.

Program Benefits

Get access to NVIDIA’s hardware and software solutions

GPU Acceleration, Anywhere

  • Get access to NVIDIA’s hardware and software solutions for your project.
  • Qualify for grants to accelerate your applied research.
Take hands-on training through NVIDIA DLI

NVIDIA Technical Expertise

Grant Application Support

Grant Application Support

  • Receive letters of support for grant applications related to your applied research project.
Present at GTC & network through global channels

Networking Opportunities

  • Have the opportunity to present at GTC and network through NVIDIA’s global channels.
  • Receive consideration for NVIDIA marketing support.

Program Eligibility

To qualify for the Applied Research Accelerator Program, you must meet all four of the criteria listed below.

1. Applicant Requirements

  • The principal investigator is a professor or researcher at an academic institution.

2. Research Requirements

  • Basic research has been completed and feasibility of the project has been demonstrated.

3. Project Requirements

  • The project will lead to the development of a new application or improvement of an existing application using GPU acceleration.
  • The problem statement and use case are clearly defined.

4. Deployment Requirements

  • The results of the research may be deployed within three years.
  • The project is eligible for additional hardware and/or funding if an adopting organization is investing resources

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