Get Started With NVIDIA Holoscan

NVIDIA Holoscan is the sensor processing platform that streamlines the development and deployment of AI and high-performance computing (HPC) applications for real-time insights. Accelerating the full workflow, it offers the software and hardware needed to build AI applications and deploy sensor processing capabilities from edge to cloud. From surgery to satellites, Holoscan helps companies explore new capabilities, accelerate time to market, and lower costs.

Benefits of Holoscan

Sensor Processing

Use the Camera Serial Interface protocol and front-end sensors for video capture, ultrasound research, data acquisition, and connection to legacy medical devices.

Low Latency

Tap into the Holoscan SDK’s data transfer latency tool to measure complete, end-to-end latency for video processing applications.

Reference AI Pipelines

Access AI reference pipelines for radar, high-energy light sources, endoscopy, ultrasound, and other streaming video applications.

Use Cases

NVIDIA Holoscan for Medical Devices delivers the accelerated, full-stack infrastructure required for scalable, software-defined, and real-time processing of streaming medical data at the clinical edge. With Holoscan, developers can build medical devices that take AI applications directly to the operating room, processing streaming sensor data for AI inference that helps clinical teams make patient-specific decisions and recommendations.

Start with the Holoscan SDK to build pipelines for sensor data processing that meet latency requirements and scale from the data center to the edge.

Image courtesy Atlas Meditech.

Once validated and verified, real-time AI applications can be deployed to medical devices. NVIDIA IGX Orin is the most optimized of NVIDIA platforms, offering a complete, industrial-grade solution with enterprise-level software and long-term commercial support.

NVIDIA Holoscan for HPC at the Edge is a universal computation imaging platform, purpose-built for high performance while meeting size, weight, and power (SWaP) constraints at the edge. It delivers a flexible software stack across a common high-performance hardware and software platform to accelerate data analysis and visualization workflows at the edge.

NVIDIA Holoscan for Media is a neutral, flexible, hybrid, IP-based platform architecture for the development and deployment of media applications. It’s built on industry-standards and APIs, integrates with open-source and ubiquitous technologies, and allows for fine-grain allocation of resources independent of use case.

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