Apply for the DLI University Ambassador Program

The NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI) University Ambassador Program certifies qualified educators to deliver the latest hands-on workshops free for university faculty, students, and researchers in the areas of GPU-accelerated computing, AI, and data science. These courses leverage NVIDIA’s latest GPUs in the cloud and carry a value of USD$500 per student per workshop!

DLI Ambassadors are a subset of DLI certified instructors with additional benefits. To become a certified DLI Ambassador, you first need to apply and then complete the DLI instructor certification process. Once certified, University Ambassadors are connected with high-quality, hands-on course materials and a fully configured, GPU-accelerated workstation in the cloud. Plus, you’ll be given access to workshop content, instructor assessments, and helpful tools to start delivering DLI workshops.

Join this session "Bringing GPU-accelerated Computing and AI to the Classroom" [S42540] at GTC 22 to learn more about the DLI University Ambassador program.

Instructor Certification Process


As an instructor candidate, you’ll complete workshop-specific evaluations that include technical qualifications, subject matter expertise, mastery of workshop content, classroom delivery skills, and training on effective use of the DLI platform.

To qualify for membership in the program you should be currently affiliated with an academic institution. You’ll also need to satisfy general technical qualifications for the technology covered by the workshop, such as deep learning, accelerated computing, and data science.

Each current DLI course has a specific qualification criteria and the courses are regularly updated. You can view the current course catalog using the link below.

PROGRAM Benefits

DLI Workshop and Content Enablement

  • Ability to bring free, world-class training to your academic community in a variety of settings—from the classroom to academic conferences (USD$500 value per student). 
  • Reimbursement for catering, travel and other qualified expenses up to USD$500 per hosted DLI workshop. 
  • Access to the Ambassador Workshop Event Kit “train-the-trainer” content and workshop promo assets.
  • Early access to new DLI Teaching Kits and free cloud-based GPU platforms for students in your curriculum courses.

Instructor Certification Awards and Incentives

  • Free DLI Instructor Certification, a USD$1000 value.
  • Workshop-specific instructor certificates to share online to prove your certification credentials for career growth and development.
  • A special ambassador certificate recognizing your DLI University Ambassador Program membership.
  • Opportunity to achieve one or more DLI Instructor Specializations in a series of related workshops.
  • Additional benefits for Ambassadors who reach defined “tiers” of workshop delivery activity including financial awards of up to USD$1000 per award.
  • Opportunity to purchase DLI workshops at a discount and resell/instruct to industry and professional continuing education customers.

These and a number of additional benefits are detailed in the latest DLI Ambassador Benefits Guide



Sign up for NVIDIA Developer Program
NVIDIA Developer Program signup is required to review the course-specific qualification for instructor certification. If you have already signed up, you can log in and jump to Step 2. If you have not signed up for the NVIDIA Developer Program, please sign up.


Review workshop-specific qualifications to self-identify which course(s) are right for you
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Follow the link below to complete the DLI Ambassador Program registration.