Sustainable Computing

Save energy, lower costs, and mitigate climate change with AI and accelerated computing.

What Is Energy-Efficient Computing?

Sustainable computing is an end-to-end approach that spans the entire lifecycle of technology, designed to enhance energy efficiency and boost carbon mitigation. From weather forecasting to chip manufacturing, accelerated computing holds the potential to realize green computing objectives, while saving costs.

NVIDIA Omniverseā„¢ Cloud

Save energy and costs with GPU-accelerated computing.

Go Inside Green AI

Predicting Weather with AI

Transform weather and climate prediction with massive AI-generated ensembles.


Accelerate high-resolution climate and weather simulations with interactive visualization.

High-Res Weather Predictions

Power high-resolution predictions with less energy and a smaller carbon footprint.

Take a Closer Look at GPU-Accelerated Efficiency

Scientific Discovery

Achieve application efficiency and performance in any supercomputing center.

Film and Television Rendering

Create stunning animation and visual effects with energy-efficient render farms.

Accelerated Analytics

Boost performance and cost savings for leading Apache Spark platforms.

Evolve your climate AI startup with NVIDIA Inception.

Explore NVIDIA Sustainable Computing

From digital twins to data center hardware, NVIDIA is creating sustainable computing solutions today to help build a better tomorrow.