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Connects to industry-leading 3D design tools    
Unlimited multi-app collaboration    
Multi-user collaboration for up to 2 users    
Multi-user collaboration for more than 2 users    
Scalable, real-time RTX rendering    
Physically-accurate simulation with PhysX 5.0, Blast, Flow    
Inspect, modify, or use 300+ pre-built extensions to develop and build enhanced solutions    
Tested & optimized for NVIDIA-Certified Systems™    
Scale Nucleus collaboration to the data center or private cloud    
Enterprise Security Management (SSO, SSL)    
Enterprise deployment tools    
NVIDIA Enterprise Support    

Have Questions?

  • What is the difference between the Individual and Enterprise licenses?

    The Individual license provides creators and developers free access to NVIDIA Omniverse, our no-frills platform offering best suited to those looking to streamline their 3D workflows and collaborate with one other person. Developers who wish to build custom applications, extensions, connectors, or microservices on Omniverse will also have the option to monetize their solution and distribute it on the Omniverse platform, pending approval and adherence to NVIDIA’s terms and conditions.

    The Enterprise license lets business leaders and project managers try or buy NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise, our most robust platform offering, enabling teams to store, share, and collaborate live on project files from anywhere in the world, using their favorite 3D apps.

  • How much does NVIDIA Omniverse cost?

    NVIDIA Omniverse is free for individuals to download.

    NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise starts at $9,000 per year for a workgroup of 2 Creators, 10 Reviewers, and 4 Nucleus subscriptions.

    Omniverse Enterprise includes:

    • Omniverse Nucleus, the collaboration engine which manages asset interchange and version control, as either a workstation or Enterprise Nucleus Server deployment, including microservices
    • Omniverse Enterprise Connectors, plug-ins to industry-leading design applications
    • End-user applications Omniverse Create and Omniverse View
    • Omniverse Kit, developer toolkit for building extensions, apps, and microservices
    • Omniverse Enterprise Launcher IT deployment tool
    • Full Enterprise Support including Support, Upgrades, Maintenance (SUMs), 8x5 support via email, phone, and web portal

    Omniverse Enterprise has three subscription components:

    • Omniverse Enterprise Creator Subscription - $2,000 per floating (concurrent) user license per year
      • Enables scene composition, simulation, and rendering on workstations and virtual workstations
      • Includes use of Omniverse Create, Kit, Extensions, Batch microservices (on up to 64 GPUs), and NVIDIA Enterprise Support
      • Minimum initial purchase of 2 Creator subscriptions
    • Omniverse Enterprise Reviewer Subscription - $100 per floating (concurrent) user license per year
      • Enables review and approval abilities for users on workstations and virtual workstations
      • Includes use of Omniverse View visualization app, for reviewers to make comments, minor edits to materials/textures/basic shapes and NVIDIA Enterprise Support
      • Minimum initial purchase of 10 Reviewer subscriptions
    • Omniverse Enterprise Nucleus Subscription - $1,000 per named user per year
      • Provides collaboration and scalable core microservices deployed on servers and/or workstations
      • Nucleus Workstation, Enterprise Nucleus Server & NVIDIA Enterprise Support
      • Minimum initial purchase of 4 Nucleus subscriptions

    All subscriptions include the Omniverse Enterprise Launcher, plus Omniverse Enterprise Connectors.

    View Pricing and Licensing Guide here, and our platform solution brief here.

  • Can I monetize solutions I’ve built on, or connected to, the Omniverse platform?

    It is free to develop Omniverse Kit SDK-based Extensions, Apps, and Microservices, or Omniverse Connect SDK-based Connectors on the Omniverse Platform.

    Developers can sell their own Apps, Extensions, Microservices, or Connectors on their own, or be featured in the Omniverse Exchange. Developers are not able to distribute any NVIDIA-developed Omniverse Apps, Extensions, or Microservices, nor Omniverse Nucleus or Omniverse Kit.

    End-users of the Omniverse-based Extension, App, Microservice, or Connector will need either an Omniverse license or an Omniverse Enterprise license.

  • Do I need any special hardware to run NVIDIA Omniverse?

    NVIDIA Omniverse is built to run on any RTX-powered machine. For ideal performance, we recommend using GeForce RTX 3070, NVIDIA RTX A4000, 8Gb or higher.

    Element Minimum Specifications
    OS Supported Windows 10 64-bit
    (Version 1909 and above)
    CPU Intel I7
    AMD Ryzen
    2.5GHz or greater
    CPU Cores 4 or higher
    RAM 16 Gb or higher
    Storage 500 Gb SSD or higher
    VRAM 6 Gb or higher
    Min. Video Driver Version See latest drivers here
  • I downloaded NVIDIA Omniverse or purchased NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise and I need help. Where do I go for support?

    NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise customers can contact Enterprise Support for direct access to an NVIDIA subject matter expert that can provide timely issue resolution.

    NVIDIA Omniverse users are encouraged to visit the NVIDIA Omniverse forums, documentation, tutorials, and our Discord server for answers to common questions and technical support.

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