Clara for Medical Imaging

Harness imaging data to build medical AI applications with the NVIDIA Clara™ for Medical Imaging platform.

Why Clara for Medical Imaging?

For Enterprise

Deliver AI initiatives for medical imaging use cases—from concept to production—faster,  reduce total cost of ownership, and meet regulatory requirements.

For IT

Streamline AI workflows and accelerate R&D for medical imaging, while quickly getting AI results into the hands of data science teams.

For Developer

Optimize medical imaging modalities for quickly building robust, reproducible, deep learning-based models and applications.

Accelerate AI Workflows to Make Clinic Impact

Deep learning frameworks have significantly improved the development and deployment of medical imaging AI, helping researchers use computer vision to perform accurate early detection, medical classification, and advanced, automated 3D segmentation for medical imaging analysis. When these models are taken to the clinical environment, they can help clinicians streamline imaging workflows, uncover hidden insights, improve productivity, and connect multimodal patient information for deeper patient understanding.

Medical Imaging AI Factory

Building the next generation of AI applications for medical imaging requires a solution that incorporates data, training, collaboration, validation, packaging, and deployment into an AI factory.

Product Suite



NVIDIA MONAI is a comprehensive suite of enterprise-grade containers, AI models, and cloud APIs crafted to accelerate medical imaging workflows. Anchored on the open-source Project MONAI, it provides developers with secure, NVIDIA-supported, state-of-the-art, and domain-specific AI workflows.



NVIDIA FLARE™ is a domain-agnostic, open-source, and extensible SDK for federated learning. It allows researchers and data scientists to adapt existing machine learning and deep learning workflows to a federated paradigm and platform developers to build a secure, privacy-preserving offering for distributed multi-party collaboration.

Getting Started With NVIDIA MONAI

Learn more about NVIDIA MONAI and MONAI Cloud APIs that offer multiple capabilities, from infrastructure and support to prebuilt state-of-the-art models and AI workflows.

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