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NVIDIA Jetson: The AI platform for edge computing

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AI is driving competitive advantage—from automating business processes and gaining insight through data analysis, to engaging with customers and employees.

NVIDIA® Jetson is the world's leading platform for AI at the edge. The platform includes Jetson modules, which are small form-factor, high-performance computers, JetPack SDK for accelerating software, and an ecosystem with sensors, SDKs, services, and products to speed up development. Jetson is compatible with the same AI software and cloud-native workflows used across other NVIDIA platforms, and delivers the performance and power-efficiency customers need to build software-defined intelligent machines at the edge.

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Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs)

For Product Development

For creating breakthrough products, whether it’s AI-powered Network Video Recorders (NVRs), Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) devices for high-precision manufacturing, or Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs), the Jetson family has a solution to meet performance and budget needs across a broad range of edge applications.

NVIDIA Jetson Nano 2GB Developer Kit

For Educators, Students and Enthusiasts

The NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit is ideal for teaching, learning, and developing AI and robotics. It delivers incredible AI performance at a low price and makes the world of AI and robotics accessible to everyone with the exact same software and tools used to create breakthrough AI products across all industries.

Scalable, Flexible Embedded Hardware Solution

Each NVIDIA Jetson is a complete System on Module (SOM) including CPU, GPU, memory, power management, high-speed interfaces, and more. Jetson modules are available in various combinations of performance, power-efficiency, and form factor so they can be used by customers across all industries. Jetson ecosystem partners provide software, hardware design services, and off-the-shelf compatible products from carrier boards to full systems, so you can get to market faster with AI embedded and edge devices.


Jetson Nano

The Jetson Nano module is a small AI computer that has the performance and power efficiency needed to run modern AI workloads, multiple neural networks in parallel and process data from several high-resolution sensors simultaneously. This makes it the perfect entry-level option to add advanced AI to embedded products.

Jetson TX2 Series

The extended Jetson TX2 family of embedded modules provides up to 2.5X the performance of Jetson Nano in as little as 7.5 W. Jetson TX2 NX offers pin and form-factor compatibility with Jetson Nano, while Jetson TX2, TX2 4GB, and TX2i all share the original Jetson TX2 form-factor. The rugged Jetson TX2i is ideal for settings including industrial robots and medical equipment.

Jetson Xavier NX

Jetson Xavier NX brings up to 21 TOPs of accelerated AI computing to the edge in a small form factor module. It can run multiple modern neural networks in parallel and process data from multiple high-resolution sensors—a requirement for full AI systems. Jetson Xavier NX is production-ready and supports all popular AI frameworks.

Jetson AGX Xavier Series

Jetson AGX Xavier is the first computer designed specifically for autonomous machines. This compact, power-efficient module includes hardware acceleration for the entire AI pipeline and lots of high-speed I/O, so customers can bring their latest AI applications to the edge. For customers who want to create industrial-grade and/or safety-certified products, Jetson AGX Xavier Industrial offers extended temperature range, shock, and vibration specifications as well as new functional safety capabilities.

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A Single, Unified Embedded Software Stack

All Jetson modules are supported by the same software stack, enabling companies to develop once and deploy everywhere. The Jetson platform is supported by the JetPack SDK, which includes the board support package (BSP), Linux operating system, NVIDIA CUDA®,  a rich set of GPU-accelerated libraries, and support for DeepStream SDK for streaming video analytics and Issac SDK for robotics. It also comes with samples, documentation, and developer tools that help developers accelerate development and optimize performance.

Jetson Software for AI Edge Devices

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