Easily customize and use massively large language models (LLMs) for high-performance AI.

What is NeMo LLM?

NVIDIA NeMo LLM is a service that provides a fast path to customizing and using large language models trained on several frameworks. Developers can deploy enterprise AI applications using NeMo LLM on private and public clouds.

They can also experience Megatron 530B—one of the largest language models—through the cloud API or experiment via the LLM service.


NeMo Megatron

Explore the benefits.

NeNo is Customizable

Customize easily

Make state-of-the-art customizations with just a few hundred samples.

Amazingly Accurate

Achieve higher accuracy

Achieve higher accuracy with just a fraction of the training data.

Deploy  NeMo Anywhere

Deploy anywhere

Run your customized LLMs alongside custom prompt tokens on GPU-powered on-premises systems, in public clouds, or through an NVIDIA-managed API.

Managed APIs

Fastest path to solution

Quickly set up applications to take advantage of LLMs with a managed API service.

Take a deeper dive into product features.

A Network of Foundation Models

Choose preferred foundation models.

Customize your choice of various NVIDIA or community-developed models that work best for your AI applications.

Customize Faster than Ever

Accelerate customization.

Within minutes to hours, get better responses by providing context for specific use cases using prompt learning techniques. See NeMo prompt learning documentation.

 Leverage the Power of Megatron

Experience Megatron 530B.

Leverage the power of NVIDIA Megatron 530B, one of the largest language models, through the NeMo LLM Service or the cloud API.

Seamless Development

Develop seamlessly across use cases.

Take advantage of models for drug discovery, included in the cloud API and NVIDIA BioNeMo framework.

Find more resources.

Find NeMo on GitHub.

Access the open-source NeMo library to learn more.

Efficiently train LLMs.

Learn how to avoid the staggering cost of training state-of-the-art LLMs.

Bridge the gap.

Connect the dots between basic neural language models, the transformer architecture, and NeMo Megatron.

Get early access to NeMo LLM Service.

NeMo LLM service provides the fastest-path to customize and use foundation LLMs and deploy on private and public clouds.

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BioNeMo is an application framework built on NVIDIA NeMo Megatron for training and deploying large biomolecular transformer AI models at supercomputing scale.

NeMo Megatron

NVIDIA NeMo Megatron is an end-to-end framework for training and deploying LLMs with billions and trillions of parameters.