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From industrial digitalization to short-film creation to 3DCG tool development, our ambassadors are sharing their Omniverse and OpenUSD knowledge across industries and around the globe.

@albertoarenas  | Madrid, Spain

Alberto Arenas is a seasoned software engineer with over 20 years of experience specializing in developing technological solutions for the animated film, video game, and visual effects production industry. Alberto's career spans renowned companies including Ilion Animation Studios, ILM, Autodesk, Skydance Animation, and Technicolor, where he's contributed to projects across Europe, Asia, and the United States.


@ericcraft  | Dallas, Texas

Eric Craft is a user experience and visualization professional with over two decades of industry experience and an in-depth understanding of the needs within the AECO industry. Eric is passionate about creating immersive realities that enhance the understanding of projects that move communities forward and transform the future.


@islamsedibra  | Alexandria, Egypt

Islam Sediek is the CEO at META Studio with more than 16 years of experience in several information technology fields including network administration and system administration. Islam recently launched his own startup in 2021 in the field of visualization and simulation that specializes in media and entertainment, AECO, and manufacturing.


@edstudios  | Toronto, Canada

Edward McEvenue is a 3D generalist and has worked in the industry for over 12 years. His freelance company, EDSTUDIOS, creates 3D content and motion graphics for films, commercials, events, and other visual projects. He currently resides in Toronto, Canada, and works with artists and studios from all around the globe.


@rafianimates  | London, United Kingdom

Rafi Nizam is a seasoned showrunner, creative media executive, and co-founder of Falcon & Storm, a story studio. With 25 years of experience in the M&E industry, Rafi excels in originating and developing scripted IP and transmedia franchises. Alongside his executive roles, Rafi is an award-winning independent animator, director, and character designer.


@inf_compute  | Texas, USA

Based in Austin, Texas, Chris Scott is the CEO of Outdoor Living 3D, Evolver Interactive, and Twinsim.io. With a background in leading cutting-edge engineering projects for the U.S. Department of Defense, Chris specializes in creating physically accurate virtual environments for the AECO industry.


@JSFILMZ0412  | Nevada, USA

Jae Solina is an award-winning filmmaker, well-known for his YouTube channel JSFILMZ featuring tutorials and captivating shorts. Notably, Jae's talent has been recognized with awards such as Best Animation and Best Super Short Film at the Las Vegas Independent Film Festival.


@pekka.varis  | Helsinki, Finland

Pekka Varis is a seasoned cinematographer with a 20-year career in capturing stunning visuals for short films, commercials, and music videos. Now an Omniverse Ambassador, Founder and CEO of cineshare.io, he combines his passion for digital storytelling with his expertise in leveraging Omniverse to transform how businesses interact with audiences and tell their story in a new and immersive way.


@mtw75  | Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Michael T. Wagner is the CTO and co-founder of ipolog GmbH, specializing in smart factory solutions and distributed virtual environments for digital twins. With over 20 years of experience in developing digital factory solutions for the automotive industry, he ‌recently founded SyncTwin GmbH, focused on enabling a manufacturing metaverse for SMEs.


@cg_ftLab  | Saitama, Japan

Yutaka Yoshisaka is a versatile developer involved in various aspects of 3DCG tools, including developing importers, exporters, renderers, and modelers for formats like FBX, glTF, and OpenUSD. Alongside his technical work, Yutaka actively engages in non-developmental activities such as creating 3D content and writing tutorials.


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