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Electric vehicle pioneer NIO has been working with NVIDIA since 2014, first on infotainment systems, and now on software-defined vehicles and automated driving features. Today, they’re redefining mobility with the NVIDIA DRIVE® platform and unified compute architecture of DRIVE Orin™. NVIDIA DRIVE enables personalization and ongoing enhancements throughout the life of the car, delivering enhanced customer value and opening up new business models

From Cloud to Car:
How NIO Develops Intelligent Vehicles

Explore the NVIDIA GTC 2022 session with 
Yuli Bai, Head of AI Platform, NIO

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NIO Expands Global Footprint with Intelligent Vehicle

NIO Expands Global Footprint with Intelligent Vehicle Experiences

The electric vehicle maker is transforming car ownership with NVIDIA-powered AI and a new business model.

NIO ES7 - Smart Utility Vehicle

NIO ES7 Redefines Category with Versatile EV Powered by NVIDIA DRIVE Orin

The new SUV has something for everyone with an array of human-centered and autonomous driving modes.

NIO’s Data Center Infrastructure

From the Cloud to the Car: How NIO Develops Intelligent Vehicles on NVIDIA HGX

NIO is leveraging a world-class AI infrastructure to build high-performance, software-defined vehicles.


Fast and Luxurious: NIO ET7 EV Arrives–Built on NVIDIA DRIVE Orin

NIO launches its electric sedan equipped with the Adam supercomputer for software-defined performance and luxury.

NIO ET5 Sedan for the Autonomous Era

Living in the Future: NIO ET5 Sedan Designed for the Autonomous Era

The recently unveiled electric vehicle features the NIO Adam supercomputer for automated driving capabilities.

Adam supercomputer based on NVIDIA DRIVE Orin

Adam and EV: NIO Selects NVIDIA for Intelligent, Electric Vehicles

The Chinese automaker built the new Adam supercomputer based on NVIDIA DRIVE Orin to power automated driving and AI features.

NVIDIA automotive solutions empower automakers, tier 1 suppliers, startups, and research institutions to transform the future of transportation.