AI for the Common Good

GPU-accelerated AI systems are being deployed to assist during natural disasters, keeping first responders out of harm’s way and saving lives. Smart, connected cities—powered by AI—will serve communities with predictive infrastructure to improve public safety, increase power usage and efficiencies and even dramatically reduce traffic. AI research in Healthcare is examining historical data for entire populations to develop customized preventative medicines and cure cancer.

NVIDIA is involved in a global effort, one that has grown out of like-minded communities, to democratize AI for the common good. It’s made up of educators, startups, and governments all with the shared goal of implementing AI for the good of all humanity.

Scientists and humanitarians are using Artificial Intelligence to ensure a safe a secure society for the future.

Protecting Humanity’s Future Food Supply

The future of humanity’s food is in the hands of AI. Blue River Technologies is using deep learning to train LettuceBot to drastically reduce pesticide use. Read Blog >


Using AI to Fight Global Poverty

With over 1B people living in extreme poverty, ending poverty tops the list of the UN. Researchers at Stanford University AI Lab are using GPU deep learning to end extreme poverty and locate those most in need of relief. Learn More >

How Deep Learning Will Reshape Our Cities

Smart connected cities, powered by AI, are improving public safety with predictive infrastructure.

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AI Helps Fortune 500 Companies Fight Cyber Attacks and Outages

Security and investigation teams are using graph analytics to boost threat intelligence, detection, incident response, and forensics leveraging GPU deep learnings to enable real-time queries of data.

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Identify Rare Diseases with a Selfie

Face2Gene lets doctors snap an image of a patient and receive a suggested diagnosis from thousands of genetic disorders. Using facial analysis, deep learning, and artificial intelligence the app continues to learn and improve diagnosis.

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AI Helps Solve Biodiversity Crises in the Peruvian Rainforest

Carnegie Institution for Science and Stanford University aiding Governments to identify environmental losses and deal with huge biodiversity crises using satellite data.

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AI at the Edge for Infrastructure Inspection

Aerialtronics using Jetson and deep learning software from Neurala to develop a fully automated drone workflow for the safe inspection of cell towers, power lines, wind turbines and other infrastructure.

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WEpods becomes the first self-driving shuttles to take to public roads

See how these shuttles can build a complete picture of the environment around it as it travels through traffic.

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