AI Solutions for Telecom

Artificial intelligence and 5G are once-in-a-generation technologies that are changing the telecom landscape. As vast amounts of data continue to be generated, telcos can use the power of AI to extract actionable insights from that data—and discover new ways to optimize complex network operations, improve customer experiences, and generate revenue.

The Benefits of AI in Telecom

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Better Customer Experiences

Satisfied customers drive brand loyalty and are critical for sustainable growth. AI and machine learning generate actionable insights on behaviors that can improve the customer experience. Through technologies such as conversational AI and recommender systems, AI can enhance customer engagements with voice agents and personalized interactions, including payment alerts and promotional offers.

Predictive Analytics and Forecasting Solutions

More Efficient Network Operations

Effective and efficient 5G network operations require real-time optimization of network parameters, traffic routing, and fault prediction and prevention. AI and machine learning applications can analyze data to deliver quality services faster, provide seamless network security in real time, improve forecasting, and enhance capacity planning, maximizing network performance and the user experience.

Reinventing Telco Services with Edge AI

New Revenue Streams

Every industry is adopting AI solutions to improve their operations and bottom line. Telcos, already providing connectivity services, are uniquely positioned to offer AI services to these customers. From premium video conferencing to AI-powered call center solutions and beyond, the same solutions that enable efficiencies for operators are unlocking new enterprise AI revenue streams.

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Efficient AI Infrastructure

As the number of AI workloads grows, cloud hybrid and on-premises infrastructure becomes essential to handle all workloads—from data science and analytics to machine learning and AI—and improve network performance, data security, and customer service. NVIDIA-Certified Systems offer unmatched performance and versatility, powering applications that can accelerate ROI, minimize risk, and drive innovation.

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  • Accelerating Customer Behavior Modeling in Telcos

    • Anthony Behan, General Manager, Cloudera
    • Dean Sirovica, Global Business Development, Telco AI, NVIDIA

    This session covers the business requirements and benefits of customer behavioral modeling, the underlying technology and architecture, and how GPUs accelerate these workloads.

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  • What Every Business Leader Needs to Know to Succeed with AI

    •  Manuvir Das, Head of Enterprise Computing, NVIDIA

    NVIDIA has built a complete platform with broad industry adoption to enable every enterprise to leverage AI and other modern workloads for their business. In this session, Manuvir will walk through the technology and offerings that make this possible, as well as organizational and strategic best practices for making AI a core competency in your organization.

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  • Conversational AI Demystified

    • Srisha Rella, Product Marketing Manager, NVIDIA

    This talk will start with an overview of the conversational AI landscape and discuss how any organization can start developing conversational AI applications today. Then we’ll demonstrate how to build and deploy end-to-end conversational AI pipelines using NVIDIA® Riva

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NVIDIA LaunchPad provides immediate, short-term access to NVIDIA AI with free curated labs—from AI-powered chatbots to image classification and more.

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The NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI) offers hands-on training in AI, accelerated computing, and accelerated data science.

Telecommunications Solutions for 5G Networks

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From innovations in 5G vRAN and accelerated networking to edge computing and AI-on-5G, NVIDIA offers solutions for many areas of telecommunications.

AI Ecosystem Partners

If you’re looking for a turnkey approach to see business benefits before building out an AI infrastructure, there’s a growing ecosystem of NVIDIA partners ready to help with customer-experience, operations, and service-delivery solutions.


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