DEATH STRANDING: Screenshot Pros Share Stunning GeForce RTX Shots

Since the creation of screen capture tools, gamers have been taking screenshots and saving their favourite and funniest moments. For some, framing, composing and snapping a great shot is just as much fun as playing the game. And as in the real world, getting that perfect shot requires skill, a keen eye, and plenty of time and patience.

For the ultimate shot, PC gamers turned to engine modifications, game mods and Cheat Engine hacks to create their own virtual cameras and fully-fledged photo modes, giving them the tools and capabilities to create the type of scenes and shots previously reserved for developers using debug game builds and special dev tools.

Now, we call these advanced screenshotting pros Digital Artists, Virtual Photographers, Screenshot Artists, Games Capture Artists, and Gametographers, recognising their achievements and status as pro and semi-pro in-game photographers. Likewise, developers and publishers recognised their talents, too, hiring Digital Artists as full-time employees for official screenshots and trailers, or as contractors for new batches of jaw-dropping screenshots that'll promote the beauty and splendor of a new or upcoming game.

Best of all, this interest in virtual photography has led to the creation of official photo modes in the latest and greatest games, both on PC and consoles, opening the world of screenshotting to everyone. On Twitter, Instagram and other social networks, you'll find burgeoning communities and thousands of individuals posting shots under #VirtualPhotography, #Gametography, #photomode, #ansel, #NvidiaAnsel, #ShotWithGeForce, #RTXON, and many other tags.

The latest game to launch with a fully-fledged in-game photo mode is the PC edition of DEATH STRANDING, which is out now, and is bundled with participating GeForce RTX GPUs, laptops and desktops for a limited time.

Together with our partners at KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS and 505 Games, we invited some of the best and most promising PC Digital Artists to take shots with this photo mode in the critically-acclaimed game ahead of its release. Below, you can learn more about each artist, follow them on social channels, and gawp slack-jawed at their initial set of stunning shots, captured on GeForce RTX GPUs with max settings enabled.

André Revolution

André hails from Brazil, where in his spare time he snaps and shares Virtual Photography screenshots from PC and console games, primarily on Instagram; streams on Twitch; and posts videos about games, movies, TV shows and more to YouTube. Also be sure to follow him on Twitter for the very latest everything.

If you're fluent in Brazilian Portuguese, check out André's latest video, which takes a look at DEATH STRANDING's PC conversion and our included DLSS 2.0 technology, that dramatically increases performance and can also improve image quality.



Chris has been capturing high-quality screenshots from the comfort of his UK home for many years. And for the past couple, he's posted his shots in max quality to his Flickr Pro page, which now boasts over 5,000 photos from more than 50 games. Also, be sure to follow his Twitter for his latest shots, and check out his Instagram, where shots are formatted for the platform's mobile leanings, giving you access to a lot of wallpaper-worthy pics for your phone.


Danny, over in Spain, loves making custom GIFs, like this one for DEATH STRANDING, and this and this for other games. And when he's not making GIFs, he's capturing virtual photos in the games he's playing, such as DEATH STRANDING.


Jack1_1Hammer resides in Russia, framing, composing and capturing custom screenshots in a wide array of games. For his latest shots follow him on Twitter, and to view a past collection of over 500 virtual photos, check out his Flickr gallery.


Leo Sang is one of the screenshot community's most prolific virtual photographers, with posts dating back nearly a decade (if you want to learn more about Leo and his screenshotting career, check out this recent profile and interview from his native Brazil). You can follow Leo's work on Twitter and Instagram, and on an alternative Instagram account you can see his real world photography, too.


Guillaume Peronnin, a.k.a. Skall or Skalledit, is a French self-taught freelance games capture artist who creates in-game images and cinematic assets for the video games industry. He's made official screenshots for Bandai Namco Entertainment titles, and has had his work showcased, shared and retweeted by developers and publishers around the world. Follow him on Twitter for his latest shots, and view his entire back catalogue on his website.


VicenteProD's stunning 4K screenshots and videos have been featured on game sites, blogs, forums, and social platforms around the world. With a focus on the highest levels of cinematic detail, and jaw-dropping cinematography, the Frenchman's work pushes the limits of what's possible. Follow his virtual photography on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, and check out his amazing videos on YouTube.

Vicente's latest cinematic video is for DEATH STRANDING. Check it out below to see the PC version running in glorious Ultrawide 4K, at max settings, with NVIDIA DLSS 2.0 enabled.



Nick Valencia, a.k.a. Zat0ne, has a particular penchant for fighting games, posting dozens of Tekken 7 and Soul Calibur VI shots on our ShotWithGeForce screenshot sharing website. When he's not in the newest fighting games, he likes a good spot of DOOM Eternal, and of late he's been trying a variety of new and recent releases, including DEATH STRANDING. For all of his new and upcoming shots, be sure to follow him on Twitter.