Escape From Naraka Out Now With NVIDIA DLSS and RTX Global Illumination

This month, NVIDIA DLSS has come to F1 2021, Red Dead Redemption 2, Red Dead Online, and Rust. And we’ve announced it’ll be heading to Battlefield 2042 and Back 4 Blood when the pair of highly anticipated titles launch later this year. Altogether, there are over 60 games available to play right now with NVIDIA DLSS, giving GeForce RTX gamers the highest levels of performance, and there’ll be plenty more before year’s end.

The latest of which launches today, in fact - Escape From Naraka, a unique platformer, features a bevy of ray-traced effects, including RTX Global Illumination, as well as NVIDIA DLSS. It is a stunning example of what a small team of indie developers can achieve with our developer relations tools and support. It demonstrates the ease with which developers can add complex technologies to their games with the right tools and support. 

Escape From Naraka

Developed by XeloGames, a three-person team in Indonesia, Escape From Naraka offers players a unique first-person action-platforming experience, inspired by Balinese culture, filled with real statues and architecture scanned straight into the game. It’s also loaded with environmental obstacles, unbeatable enemies who must be avoided, puzzles, and plenty of jumping. And if you play with a GeForce RTX graphics card, you can enhance your experience with realistic ray-traced lighting, reflections and shadows, accelerated by NVIDIA DLSS.


Like many indie developers , XeloGames’ three developers couldn’t build a new game engine and tech from scratch, so they instead leveraged Unreal Engine 4 and NVIDIA’s NVRTX branch, which includes ready-made, optimized ray-tracing technologies that can be enabled with a click of the mouse. Extensive documentation provides further details, and NVIDIA’s developer portal enables studios to get assistance from our engineers and experts should the need arise.

“Adding NVIDIA DLSS to the game was fast and easy with the Unreal Engine 4 plugin, providing our players maximum performance as they take on all the challenges Escape From Naraka has to offer.” - Yosua Bayu S, Developer, XeloGames

In Escape From Naraka, XeloGames has illuminated its temples and tunnels with cauldrons, torches and collectibles. Using NVIDIA’s RTX Global Illumination technology, their appearance can be transformed,  with light radiating and bouncing realistically, naturally illuminating the world and game elements that exist within it.


Click to load a 4K full screen comparison

Unlike prior global illumination techniques, RTXGI is extremely efficient, has a relatively low performance cost, and can calculate ‘infinite’ light bounces over the course of several frames each second, delivering amazing results.

In addition to RTX Global Illumination, players benefit from the addition of real-time ray-traced reflections, which greatly improve upon the fidelity of the game’s screen space reflections and cubemaps, and add further reflectivity that makes image quality even better. When enabled, players will see full-detail reflections on walls and floors, water will be transformed, metallic statues accurately reflect world detail, and all other suitably reflective surfaces add to the overall presentation, enhancing players’ experiences.


Click to load a 4K full screen comparison

And finally, ray-traced shadows give players a noticeable upgrade, switching limited shadow maps for accurate contact hardening and softening shadows that are more realistic and better defined.


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To enable all GeForce RTX gamers to play Escape From Naraka with ray tracing enabled, XeloGames has quickly and easily added NVIDIA DLSS using our Unreal Engine 4 plugin. When activated, DLSS will boost players’ performance by more than 2x at max settings, at 4K.

Using DLSS’s patented magic, the definitive Escape From Naraka experience is in reach of all GeForce RTX gamers. Download and install our latest Game Ready Driver, and simply enable the Ray Tracing and DLSS settings in-game.

Escape From Naraka Is Out Now, And Best Experienced On GeForce

As always, rolling up with a GeForce RTX graphics card or laptop ensures the definitive experience, with the best possible image quality, and the highest levels of performance.

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