NVIDIA G-SYNC 360Hz Esports Display Review Roundup

By Sam Mayo on October 30, 2020 | Featured Stories FramesWinGames G-SYNC NVIDIA Reflex

NVIDIA G-SYNC 360Hz Esports Displays are the fastest gaming monitors ever built, featuring groundbreaking technology like the NVIDIA Reflex Latency Analyzer to measure system latency, next-gen dual driver IPS panels, high performance Ultra Low Motion Blur (ULMB) tech for superior motion clarity, and a G-SYNC Esports Mode available on all brands of G-SYNC 360Hz monitors for hand-crafted settings specifically designed for competitive play, consistent and accessible no matter where you’re playing.


We’re launching these incredible new displays very soon with our partners at Acer, Alienware, ASUS, and MSI. Ahead of launch, press outlets had a chance to take them for a spin and experience the buttery-smooth glory of the highest refresh rates and the benefits of NVIDIA Reflex technology.

See what they’re saying in our roundup:

  • “The combination of 360Hz and the ability to properly measure your tuning (via the Reflex Analyzer Tool) means you're able to tune your game settings and system component settings for every absolute advantage on the playing field...It's a surreal kind of experience for those who play competitively, nothing has come close to the fluidity that you get with a low latency 360Hz experience. So whether you're already playing competitively or want to play competitively I see a strong argument for the total NVIDIA Reflex package.” -- Wccftech
  • “NVIDIA has positioned NVIDIA Reflex technology and their partners’ 360Hz gaming displays and mice as weapons for competitive eSports gamers, and that niche should absolutely pay attention.” -- Hot Hardware
  • “Reflex running on a 360 Hz G-SYNC display isn't going to turn me into the next Ninja, but there's definitely an improvement in feel and responsiveness when running with the Reflex mouse and monitor. I could easily feel the difference, and I'm not at all a competitive gamer.” -- Tom’s Hardware
  • “ If the Alienware AW2521H is anything to go by, there will be plenty of reasons to want to pick up such 360Hz screens, and if it means you can accurately monitor your system latency, then that's all good.” -- PC Gamer
  • “I would have never thought that going from 144hz to a 360Hz monitor would help me improve my game, but I stand corrected. The addition of the Reflex Latency Analyzer tech helped me understand what was going on in the background and get the most out of my games” -- IGN
  • “NVIDIA Reflex can help make you a better esports gamer, regardless of which facet you’re examining...We’re excited by what NVIDIA’s trying to nurture here.” -- PCWorld
  • “NVIDIA worked hard to improve the gaming experience and offer a competitive advantage not only to professionals, but also to ordinary players.” -- Tom’s Hardware IT
  • “360Hz displays with the NVIDIA Reflex Latency Analyzer provide completely new insights into the interaction of CPU, GPU, display, driver and game engine. For home users, it has been impossible so far to measure the delay between input at the mouse and output on the display. With NVIDIA’s platform this is changing now.” -- Computerbase DE
  • "Even with an entry-level GPU(GTX 1660 Super), the high refresh rate display still delivers faster gaming response. And on top of that, NVIDIA Reflex further lowers gaming latency." –Heybox (China)

G-SYNC 360Hz esports displays will be available starting November. Stay tuned to GeForce social channels and GeForce.com for updates.