GeForce RTX @ Blizzcon 2023: Win GPUs, A Custom PC & GeForce Swag

By Andrew Burnes on November 01, 2023 | Featured Stories Events GeForce RTX GPUs

After four years away, BlizzCon® is returning to Anaheim, California on November 3rd and 4th. It will be a one-of-a-kind immersive experience, bringing attendees into the universes of Warcraft®, Diablo®, and Overwatch® and more, with massive installations, art, and thematic spaces where friends can connect. Whether kicking back in Azeroth, exploring the mysteries of a dark cathedral of Sanctuary, or playing alongside the heroes of Overwatch®, attendees will feel as if they’re entering universes alongside their friends as they celebrate and experience what Blizzard is building next, and they’ll hear from developers all across Blizzard about their vision for their games, their craft, and more.

GeForce RTX is the official GPU sponsor of Blizzcon, powering game demonstrations and new announcements. This year’s must see highlights include the Diablo Cathedral Art Experience, Hell’s Ink Tattoos, Overwatch World Cup competition, WoW Guild Clash, WarCraft Rumble demo area, and WarCraft Tavern to name a few. Also returning are fan favorites - Darkmoon Faire and the Inclusion Nexus!

GeForce Evangelist Jacob Freeman will be at Blizzcon, and by following Jacob on X you can win a GIGABYTE GeForce RTX 4070 Aero OC graphics card. Just look for clues on Jacob’s feed each day. Decipher the clues to reveal the location of a GeForce Golden Ticket hidden somewhere on the Blizzcon show floor - the first person to find it each day wins a free graphics card, giving their system a massive boost in performance, and access to the massive range of enhancements and technologies offered exclusively by GeForce RTX 40 Series GPUs. For terms and conditions, please read here.

By following Jacob you can also discover when and where GeForce RTX patches, pins and stickers will be given away.

Finally, head to NVIDIA’s display area in Hall C. There, you’ll find a one of a kind Overwatch 2 Mauga’s Heart PC, powered by Gigabyte’s GeForce RTX 4070 Master GPU, made by Ron Lee Christianson of Blue Horse Studios. Mauga is the game’s newest hero revealed at Blizzcon, playable for a limited time this weekend and coming to Overwatch 2 on December 5.


During an intense battle, Mauga sustained critical injuries. It looked like the end for him, but a Deepsea Raider medic installed a second cybernetic heart in a last-minute attempt to save him. It was a risky and haphazard surgery, using an old organ model and other various scraps to make do. But it was enough for Mauga to return to battle and win.

Christianson’s custom PC is inspired by Mauga’s story and was 3D-printed and hand painted to look like the hero’s Cyber-Heart Canister. The true heart of the system is the Gigabyte GeForce RTX 4070 Master graphics card, which is supported by an Intel i9-13900k processor and even more Gigabyte AORUS hardware: a B760I Pro mITX motherboard, 32GB of DDR5 RAM and both a 500GB and 1TB m.2 SSDs.

To win this incredible one of a kind system, respond via a public X Post to the social prompt announcing the promotion posted by the @PlayOverwatch X account. Participants must respond to the post from the @PlayOverwatch X account, as directed by the post from @PlayOverwatch, and include the hashtags: #MaugaRTX and #Overwatch2Sweepstakes.

  • Like the post from @PlayOverwatch; and
  • Comment on the post from @Playoverwatch with the hashtags: #MaugaRTX and #Overwatch2Sweepstakes

View the complete set of terms and conditions here to ensure your entry is eligible.