RTX. IT’S IN: Enter to Win a GeForce RTX Laptop!

By Chris Scott Barr on February 14, 2019 | Featured Stories GeForce RTX Laptops

It took a lot of ingenuity and vision to create GeForce RTX laptops - they support ray tracing and DLSS, run games at high resolutions with excellent levels of detail, they feature long-lasting NVIDIA Optimus battery technology, and some models go super thin and light with Max-Q designs.

Now it’s your turn. Build the laptop of your dreams using images to represent each of the four main pillars that make up every RTX laptop.  You can use images from games, of everyday household objects, people, or anything else you can think of. Share your creation with us and you could win a brand-new GeForce RTX gaming laptop.


How To Enter

Download our template and fill it out with the objects that represent the four pillars of a GeForce RTX gaming laptop, using anything from an everyday object to a sword made of lightning:

  1. Performance
  2. RTX
  3. Max Q (Thin and Light)
  4. Battery Life

Then, post it to Twitter, Instagram or Facebook by tagging @NVIDIAGeForce and using the hashtag #RTXOn for a chance to win one of the following laptops:

Get creative. Have fun. We’ll be looking for entries that show off your larger-than-life inspirations for the laptop of your dreams. Contest ends on February 28th.